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If you’re applying to study abroad in Germany and your first language is not English, then IELTS (or.… Read More

The focus of marine engineering, also referred to as naval engineering, is the development and building of ships. The steering, electrical, and propulsion systems, as well as every other internal s.… Read More

This year, the overall ranking of the Times Best Global Universities will include 2,000 more great universities than last year. This year's global university ranking features universities from .… Read More

You can choose out of several options when you wish to leave your country for higher education. Hundreds of universities and schools offer these programs so that you can pursue your graduation, doc.… Read More

Do you think, you're eligible for an international scholarship? If so, you should be aware that scholarships for studying abroad help students pay for their college tuition by offering financia.… Read More

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A statement of purpose is a document or letter which students draft for the visa officer. It includes their academic qualifications, professional experience, achievements, accolades, instituti.… Read More

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Aspire to study in Germany? Boost up your IELTS test preparation with Masterprep and achieve your desired band score to thrive in your career.

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Learn and Understand the most common terms you come across while preparing to get an education abroad

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