Cheapest Countries for Indian students to study abroad

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Are you looking for the cheapest countries for Indian students to study abroad and still not able to find the suitable one for you? Well, don't worry, we are here to provide you the full information about the cheapest nations for studying abroad.

Most students when considering studying abroad take into account the following two factors and calculate the costs they need to pay while studying abroad:

  1. Tuition Fee – This is the amount of money you will need to pay to the foreign university or college for studying there.
  2. Living Costs - These are the costs you will incur on your living like housing, food, travel, books, medical expenses etcetera while studying abroad.

Taking into consideration the above two factors, here is a list of the cheapest countries for Indian students where they can apply for studying.

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Out of all the countries, Norway is the cheapest country to study abroad. You can study in this Nordic country at nearly minimal costs. International students as well as native Norwegian students are both entitled to free education in Norway. However, there is little cost that international students must pay for graduate courses each semester in the form of semester fees. The Norwegian application portal is open from October to December. Candidates can submit their applications before the deadline if they want to study in Norway almost for free.

Some of the Most Affordable Universities in Norway

University Name Tuition Fee (In NOK)
University of Oslo No Tuition Fee
University of Bergen No Tuition Fee
NHH Norwegian School of Economics No Tuition Fee
UIT the Arctic University of Norway No Tuition Fee
Nord University No Tuition Fee


In terms of living costs, Norway has quite high costs of living but its still better than the U.K., the U.S.A, Canada, or Australia. Like the other Nordic nations, Norway has high living expenses; you'll require about NOK 139,680 (about US$17,200) annually for studying there.

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Germany, which is also known as the ‘Land of Ideas’ is growing in popularity among Indian students as one of the best & cheapest countries to study abroad. Considering the various reasons for this growing trend, it’s not difficult to comprehend why. Germany as a study abroad destination not only offers universities of international reputation but also high quality of life at affordable prices.

Affordable German Universities

University Name Undergraduate Tuition Fee (EU) Potgraduate Tuition Fee (EU)
Technical University of Berlin 308 per semester 308 per semester
Humboldt University - Berlin 307 per semester 8000 Annually
University of Bremen 849 Annually 849 Annually
University of cologne No Tuition Fee but has a social contribution of 500 euros annually No Tuition fee but has a social contribution of 500 euros annually
TU Darmstadt No Tuition Fee No Tuition fee but has semester and Administration charges


When it comes to paying for your living costs, a good lifestyle in Germany comes at an average expense of approximately $8,400 annually which is way better than in other nations.


France is another nation that can be considered while looking for the cheapest countries to study abroad. It’s again one of those European nations where University education is affordable although you can look at the high costs of living, especially in the capital city of Paris. The French Government supports international students seeking education there. Students from more than 33 nations can apply to universities in France through the online CEF, a single online process, provided by a Government Agency called Campus France.

French Universities at affordable Tuition Fee

University Name Annual Bachelor degree Tuition fee (EUR) Annual Master degree Tuition Fee (EUR) 
Ecole Normale Superieure  184 243
Ecole Polytechnique 16,800 12,500
Pierre & Marie Curie University  350 2595
University of Paris 178 (Approx.) 250
Jean Monnet University 500-750 2000-2600


The highly selective grandes écoles and grands établissements, which determine their tuition rates, have significantly higher fees. However, the majority of English-taught programs are available at the postgraduate level, so you can study in France even if you don't speak French fluently.


Mexico, one of Latin America's most visited countries, is full of interesting and distinctive cultures to discover and has a lot to offer to international students. The average tuition cost for international undergraduate students attending private colleges in Mexico City, the nation's capital and one of the top 100 student cities in the world, is about US$6,300 per year. Private universities typically charge higher tuition fee. Living costs are also quite inexpensive in Mexico; a typical budget there would total about $9,250 in the capital or $6,450 elsewhere. Although Spanish is the primary language of instruction there, other than that, the colleges in Mexico are increasingly offering courses in English to draw in foreign students.

Affordable Universities in Mexico

University Name Bachelor Degree Tuition Fee (MXN) Master Degree Tuition Fee (MXN)
Metropolitan Autonomous University 19,890 Annually 19,890 Annually
Autonomous University of Neuvo Leon 19,890 Annually 19,890 Annually
Anahuac University in Mexico 1230 per credit 19,890-49000 Annually
Instituto Technologico Autonomo de Mexico 16900 for 6 credits 16900 for 6 credits



Argentina, a South American Country, has attracted about 90,000 international students in the last few years. The public universities in Argentina charge no tuition fee for Bachelor’s degree programs to international students. So, it turns out to be the cheapest country for Indian students to study abroad. However, private Argentinian universities do charge about USD 3,000 to 20,000 tuition fees for Bachelor’s level programs and approximately USD 2,000 to 27,000 tuition fees for Master’s level programs. And, on average about USD 3,000 to 5,000 should be sufficient to live comfortably in this country.

Argentinian Universities at Nominal Fees

University Name Average Annual Tuition Fees (IN ARS)
Universidad nacional de la plata No Tuition Fee
Universidad nacional de cuyo No Tuition Fee
University of Beunos Aires No Tuition Fee
Universidad nacional de Quilmes No Tuition Fee
Universidad nacional de General San Martin No Tuition Fee


In the end, affordability and the cheapest options available are not only the factors that you should consider while choosing your study abroad destination. You should also consider other factors like visa conditions, food costs, and cultural diversity before making a choice.  After considering the cheapest & the most suitable country for studying abroad, you can start your preparation for the various language tests that these counries require with the help of the Canamprep - The best IELTS institute in Ludhiana. At Canamprep, we assure you of the guidance that is highly effective in helping you achieve your desired scores in the various language tests.

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