Cheapest MBA in the UK for International Students 2023: Tuition Fees, Universities Requirements, Durations

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You might be able to move up the corporate ladder with an MBA, but it can be very expensive. So that you may find reasonable solutions that work for you, we highlight the cheapest MBA degrees in the UK. 

Entry Requirements for MBA

Are you looking for inexpensive business schools in the UK or planning to study in the country on a tight budget? We've compiled a list of affordable MBA programs in the UK for international students in case you're one of the many international students looking to acquire access to the global business sector. One of the most desired degrees for business professionals is a Master of Business Administration. Although the MBA is well-recognized on a global scale and can improve your skills while giving you the compelling edge needed for leading and inspiring others, it can be a costly procedure.

For indian students to be eligible to apply for an MBA in the UK, they must meet the following criteria:

Particulars Details 
Educational Qualification  Bachelor' degree or equivalent educational degree
Work experience You need the work-experience of around 2-3 years, whereas, some institutions offer MBA without any prior work-experience.
English language proficiency score  You need a minimum of 6.5 band score or 95 + in the TOEFL language exam
Resume An updated curriculum vitae is required
SOP An essay which tells what are your goals and what you want to achieve while studying in UK
LOR 1 to 3 LORs (Letter of recommendation) are required
Financial proof Evidences which confirm that you will be able to fully finance your education in UK
Visa requirement Visa is required to study in UK
GMAT exam GMAT is required but various institutions don't need it.

Advantages of completing an MBA in the UK:


The UK is home to some of the most renowned universities and business schools in the world, including Cambridge University, Oxford University, and the London Business School. An MBA from one of these schools can enhance your resume's legitimacy and prominence and help you find new professional prospects. Moreover, if you have a high score in your previous education then you might apply for a scholarship to such schools to obtain a high-quality education.

Global Networking Possibilities

UK MBA programs frequently enroll students from around the globe, providing you with the chance to network with and gain knowledge from a diverse range of people. Gaining a global perspective on business issues and developing professional contacts can both benefit from this.

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Access to Top Companies

The UK is a center for international trade and is home to numerous leading corporations. You may be able to network with executives and experts in these organizations by pursuing an MBA in the UK, which will increase your chances of landing a job or launching your own business.

A variety of module options

Additionally, each MBA program offers a variety of module options for students to select from. The institution consistently places a strong emphasis on the personal and professional development of its students, thanks to its great module options and frameworks. Some colleges require students to complete an internship as part of their academic work in addition to the requisite modules. Overall, an MBA from a UK business school can give you a strong foundation in business education, a worldwide network, and the skills and information required to excel in the global business environment.

The shortest course time, which is perfect for professionals who cannot afford to take a long break from their business, is the biggest benefit of earning an MBA in the UK. Most courses last 12 to 18 months at most. By doing this, you can save time and money while obtaining a desired degree. Moreover, if you're seeking MBA degrees that are both reasonable and of high quality, the UK is the place to go.

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Cheapest universities to study MBA in the UK

Name of the University About the institution Duration type Cost estimation (Approx.) Next session
University of Bolton
  • The Master of Business Administration program at the University of Bolton teaches important skills that will set you apart from others and allow you to reach your maximum career potential.
  • MBA programs at Bolton University are also offered with one year of work experience.
  • The university's students are educated by a fully skilled faculty with deep knowledge in multiple academic areas and strong industry relations.

One year


£14,450 or INR 14,54,689 September 2023
University of Teesside
  • As one of the top 100 institutions in the UK for business and management programs, Teesside University is a global leader in education. 
  • The university is renowned for its finance and accounting programs. 
  • Students will be assisted in meeting the demands of senior educational leaders and acquiring the academic skills necessary to support their reflective practice through this program.

1 Year


£14,300 or INR 14,39,212 September 2023
Staffordshire College
  • Since 2017, Staffordshire University has regularly been ranked among the top 100 universities in the UK by The Guardian. 
  • The institution is ranked 17th for research impact in business and management in the UK and offers an MBA in both part-time and full-time formats (Research Excellence Framework 2021). 
  • The ACH Group, IBM, Harley Davidson, Airbus, Adelphi Research, British Telecoms Global Service, and other employers have hired Staffordshire MBA graduates.
13 months £16,750 or Rs 16,85,448 September 2023

Leeds Beckett College

  • Students who enroll in the MBA program at Leeds Beckett University gain managerial skills and become strategic thinkers, preparing them for the uncertain global business climate the world currently faces. 
  • Healthcare Management, Marketing, Human Resources, PR, Supply Chain Management, Accounting, Finance, and Accounting and Finance are among the specializations available through the MBA program.
18 months
£16,000 or INR 16,10,301 September 2023
London School of Commerce 
  • The London School of Commerce's MBA program cultivates the capacity to effectively manage and lead organizations via the development of skills, the accumulation of knowledge, and the grasp of a wide range of management concepts, ideas, and theories. 
  • The course is intended for students from a wide range of backgrounds who are looking to strengthen their managerial skills to pursue job opportunities abroad.
1 year £6,950 or INR 6,99,474  ----
University of West London
  • The University of West London has significantly raised its ranking to 35th place among UK universities, with 95% of graduates finding employment within six months after graduation, according to The Guardian University Guide 2022.
  • The program aims to develop students' leadership, creativity, entrepreneurship, self-awareness, and teamwork skills.
  • Students will experience a variety of teaching techniques throughout the course, including blended learning with online assistance.
  • Employers that hire MBA graduates include NHS Trusts, Jarvis Hotels, BBC, Yahoo, Citibank, Accenture, The Times India, and The Guardian.
15 months £15,000 or INR 15,09,318 September 2023
Glasgow Caledonian University
  • The MBA program at Glasgow Caledonian University offers insight into cutting-edge business techniques as well as supporting theory and research from numerous industrial areas.
  • While developing their leadership skills, students study a variety of subjects that provide them with a broad knowledge and understanding of important management functions such as global strategy, project and people management, business continuity, and risk management.
1 year (full-time) OR
2-3 years (distance learning)
£18,950 or INR 19,07,851 September 2023

The MBA program in the United Kingdom lasts from 12 and 21 months. The cost of this course might range between GBP 27,500 and GBP 87,900. This course also includes specializations in finance, marketing, management, international management, and so on.

The United Kingdom is linked to some of the most renowned universities and business schools, including Cambridge University, Oxford University, and the London Business School. An MBA from one of these colleges can boost the credibility and visibility of your resume and help you find new career opportunities. Furthermore, if you have a good score in your formal schooling, you may be eligible for a scholarship to such colleges to acquire a high-quality education at a low cost.

MBA Job Opportunities in UK

After earning an MBA, international students can pursue careers in the following fields.

  • Finance is a bright industry with some of the highest-paying employment.
  • An MBA in finance will prepare you to work as an Investment Banker, Finance Analyst, or Finance Manager.
  • Names like Deloitte, Amazon, and Morgan Law are among the recruiters.
  • If you have an MBA in Marketing from the United Kingdom, you can expect a prosperous career in the marketing and advertising sectors.
  • Nestle, Babcock, and TPP are among the top recruiters.
Human Resource
  • An MBA in HR will open up a world of opportunities for you.
  • This industry provides several chances for both new and experienced experts.
  • NFU Mutual, Globe Locums, and IBM are among the top recruiters.

The United Kingdom has about 6 million private-sector businesses. So, after obtaining an MBA, finding a job in the UK is not difficult. However, universities may not provide direct placements or internships. Instead, they direct their overseas students to a career counselor who assists them in navigating the job market.

There are many career chances for MBA graduates in the UK because recruiters are always looking for tech-savvy people with strong analytical skills. The following is a list of recruiters who have hired MBA Degree holders and the salaries they provide in the UK. 

Top recruiters & Salaries after studying MBA in UK

Employer Annual Avg. Salary (In GBP) 
Ernst & young 125,000
Pricewaterhousecoopers 64,741
Bain & Company 83,000
HSBC 128,000
Roland Berger 54,000

After completing an MBA, international students will find it easier to obtain work in the UK, especially with the introduction of a two-year stay-back policy. Individuals might also earn more than GBP 80,000 per year after completing the MBA course program in the UK.

Overall, out of all the courses available at UK institutions, the MBA program continues to be popular among overseas students. When applying to a college abroad, one of the first things you should do is research tuition costs. Studying abroad is surely challenging, one has to handle tuition, rent, daily expenses, and so on. Choosing a university that meets your budget, must be the first step toward a future in the UK.

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