Don’t Waste Time! 8 Facts Until You Reach IELTS

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  • Sep 28, 2021 02:32 AM

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You might be planning to sit for the IELTS (International English Language Testing System) Exam in 2020. But, are you ready, prepared and well-informed about the IELTS Test? Here’s a quick look at 8 Facts about IELTS Exam before you officially sit for this examination.

Overview of IELTS

IELTS is an international English Language proficiency test intended to check ability and level of English of non-native English language speakers.  Prospective English-speaking country students need to who have received their education in other languages need to demonstrate their knowledge and English language proficiency and ability. Therefore, they need to sit for IELTS test and get themselves evaluated for IELTS test.

IELTS versions

There are three versions of IELTS tests currently available and you may decide to sit for. IELTS has three versions: Academic, General Training and Life Skills. Students from non-English speaking countries who intend to start university in English speaking countries like United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand etcetera take the Academic version of the Test. While those who wish to migrate to English-Speaking Countries are required to take General version of the exam. In contrast, Life Skills is a requirement for people who are seeking United Kingdom visas or citizenship.

IELTS Structure

IELTS exam consists of four sections: Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening, also known as ‘modules’. The Listening and Speaking modules are same for Academic and General Training version of the exam. While, Reading and Writing modules though of same duration differ for Academic and General Training version of the test.

IELTS Timings

IELTS Reading module is for duration of 60 minutes both for Academic and General Training versions of the exam. The reading module for Academic version contains three long reading passages, and, the General Training version has 4 short passages and 1 long passage. The Writing module again is for 60 minutes with a letter as Task 1 for General Training version instead of a report for Academic version, and an Essay as a Task 2. The Speaking module lasts for 11-14 minutes for both versions and the Listening module lasts for 30-35 minutes again for both the versions.

IELTS Scoring

IELTS test-takers receive ‘Bands’ as test scores as an overall score and for each section which range from 0 to 9 in half-point increments (with 9 being the highest band score). The IELTS overall score is an average of all four modules rounded to nearest half-points. IELTS Test takers are categorized as “Expert”, “Very Good”, “Good”, “Competent” etcetera users as per their band scores.

IELTS Availability

IELTS test is available upto 4 times in a month and 48 times in a year around the world. It is available in various countries at various test centers. It can be taken without any prerequisites.

IELTS Acceptance and Various University Requirements

IELTS as an exam is accepted by a number of recognized universities and academic institutions major English- Speaking countries around the world.  United States as a country accepts “TOEFL” as an English Language Proficiency Test. Minimum IELTS test scores vary within same school, college or department of the same university. The minimum bands required to seek admission also vary from university to university.

IELTS Research

IELTS  Test has been well researched by various educators across the world. As per a study at University of Sydney “ There is strong correlation between speaking, listening and writing subtests scores and GPA of a student”. So, a link between IELTS Bands and academic performance at the educational institute has been established by various researchers and educationists.