Duolingo Accepted Universities in Australia

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The blog gives information about the Duolingo English Test first, the test setup, some alternatives to the test, if it is accepted in Australia or not. It also informs you about Australian universities accepting Duolingo test both for Bachelors and Masters degrees. Finally, it lists some tips to ace the test.  

What is Duolingo Test?

Looking to study in Australia? Check out our comprehensive list of Duolingo Accepted Universities in Australia, and discover the language requirements you need to meet to pursue your dream education Down Under.

As an alternative to the IELTS and TOEFL, Duolingo was created. Prior to the Covid 19 pandemic, which caused test centres to close, most institutions did not take it. However, numerous universities now from various nations accept the Duolingo English test as meeting the requirement for international students to study abroad.

The number of Australian colleges that accept Duolingo is gradually and steadily growing over time. The following are some significant test highlights: 

  • It can be finished in an hour, and you can obtain the results in just two days.
  • For only $49, all candidates can get their results (INR 3,546)
  • Scores can be sent for free to as many universities as the student chooses!
  • All prospective students may register for the exam using their driver's licence or any other form of government identification in addition to their passport.

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Duolingo Exam Highlights

Duolingo test is acceptable in many countries like U.S., Canada, U.K., Australia etc. as an English language proficiency test. Here I will provide some highlights of the test for students who would like to sit for the exam. 

Exam mode Online
Exam Duration 45 minutes of Adaptive Test 15 minutes of Video Interview
Score Range 10-160
Application Fee 49 USD
Result Time 48 hours
Requirements Computer & Internet Connection
Score Requirement in Australia 105-120

Top Duolingo Accepted Universities in Australia – with Minimum Accepted Scores

Australia has more than 20 universities accepting Duolingo test scores. Here I will provide a list of universities accepting the test score with their minimum acceptable scores. 

University/College Minimum Duolingo Score
Monash University 85
Macqaurie University 115
Australian National University 115
Charles Darwin University 110
Griffith University 110
Kaplan Business School 100
Adelaide institute of higher education 105
Swineburne University of Technology 105
Flinders University 95
Carnegie Mellon University in Australia 105

Duolingo English Test Requirements

It's critical to remember the prerequisites for this test because more institutions in Australia and other nations are quickly using Duolingo results. Here is a list of the prerequisites:

  • Driving License or passport
  • A computer with a solid internet connection and a well-lit area, 
  • Front-facing camera, a microphone and speakers

Duolingo Test Set Up

The exam setup for the Duolingo English Test differs. The exam questions are taken from good pool of questions. No matter how many times you take the exam, it is extremely rare that you will see the identical question twice. Introduction and onboarding, an adaptive test, a writing sample, and a speaking sample make up the DET pattern.

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Onboarding and introduction (5 minutes)

Make that the microphone, speakers, and camera on your PC are all working properly.

  • Submit a government photo ID. 
  • Review the test specifications and guidelines.

Adaptive test (45 minutes)

Evaluates your English proficiency using a variety of question formats.

  • The distribution of test questions is random.
  • Depending on your performance, the question gets harder or easier. The Duolingo English Test's shorter length than previous exams is made possible by this.

Writing and Speaking Samples (10 minutes)

You'll receive a prompt and be required to provide a lengthy response.

  • Response times for the Speaking Sample and Writing Sample are between one and three minutes.
  • After the test is over, you will be able to look over your responses to these practice questions.
  • These samples will also be given to the institutions who receive your results.
  • The Speaking Sample question is not graded.

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Alternatives to Duolingo Test

Different than Duolingo, overseas students have a variety of other English language competency exams to choose from. Other English proficiency tests, are also accepted by Australian universities in addition to the Duolingo test.

  • IELTS 
  • PTE
  • Cambridge English Test

Is Duolingo Test accepted in Australia?

Before the pandemic, Duolingo Test was not accepted in Australia. The test became more helpful than ever when it got challenging for the students to get to their exam locations. There are currently around 20 universities in Australia that recognise Duolingo and accept the exam results as evidence of an overseas student's English language competency.

What is the minimum Duolingo Score accepted in Australian universities?

The minimum Duolingo score requirements often fall between 105 and 120. In graduate study programmes like the MBA, MS in Finance, MA in Civil Engineering, etc., a score of greater than 120 is regarded as favourable. Universities in Australia that accept Duolingo occasionally do not accept the test for specific programmes.

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Australian Universities accepting Duolingo for Bachelors

  • Australian National University
  • Griffith College – Australia
  • La Trobe College Australia
  • Western Sydney University 
  • Edith Cowan University
  • La Trobe University
  • Edith Cowan College – All Diploma Programs
  • Sydney Institute of Business and Technology
  • Curtin College – Perth
  • Kaplan Business School

Australian Universities accepting Duolingo for Masters

  • Australian National University
  • Carnegie Mellon University in Australia
  • Griffith University 
  • JMC Academy 
  • Monash College
  • Flinders University 
  • Melbourne Institute of Technology (MIT) 
  • Kaplan Business School 
  • Flinders University 
  • Ad Astra Institute

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Top Tips to perform well in Duolingo Test

Make a plan for your study time. You can better track your progress and make sure you have enough time to finish the test with the aid of a smart strategy.

  • Practice more mock exams and keep doing them to get faster.
  • Practice time management. You need a specific amount of time to finish writing each part. You will learn how much time to spend on each question with regular practice.
  • Utilize the resources at your disposal to ensure that you comprehend all the queries. You can choose from a variety of free resources that are offered online.
  • Since the focus of this exam is English, try using more complex terms, start reading more books or newspapers, etc.
  • To study more effectively, ask your teachers or the specialists at coaching institutes for assistance. They can aid you more effectively because they have been trained to assist such pupils in taking this exam.

Duolingo scores are accepted by the majority of Australian colleges because it is a choice that many international students make on a worldwide scale. Scores from Duolingo, which is recognised in Australia, assist university recruiters gauge your level of language proficiency. While this is manageable, picking the correct academics is equally important. Select the best curriculum based on your academic and professional goals. Our counsellors are here to assist you if you have any questions about studying abroad. 

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