Format Of Speaking Module For IELTS Exam

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  • Sep 20, 2022 04:41 PM

Table of Contents

Time duration- 11 to 14 minutes The speaking test has three parts as follows:

PART 1 (4- 5 min) The candidate is expected to speak about himself and everyday situations.

PART 2(3- 4 min) The speaker has to deliver a 2minute talk on a topic provided by the examiner.

PART 3 (4- 5 min) The examinee is expected to speak on general but more abstract topics that are related to Part 2 talk. How is the speaking test marked? The speaking is marked on the four features of your language: fluency and coherence, vocabulary, grammar and accuracy, and pronunciation.

Details of Part 1:

  • Respond briefly to the introductory questions.
  • Make sure you can talk about your home town and your studies, hobbies etc.
  • Listen to the question forms and the words that the examiner uses. These will help you to form your answer.
  • Build some list of phrases and topic banks.
  • Try to improve the way you describe things by adding adjectives.
  • Don’t memorize long answers and form short crisp sentences while speaking.
  • Speak to the point and do not beat about the bush.

Details of Part 2:

  • Read the whole topic carefully first.
  • Choose an idea that you can talk about for up to two minutes.
  • Frame your sentences using appropriate tenses.
  • Build a mind map
  • Stick to the topic
  • Introduce the topic clearly at the start of your talk.

Details of Part 3:

  • Give a full answer to each question and take the initiative.
  • Think about how topics can be developed so that you are ready to explore the questions you are asked.
  • Answer each question directly. Don’t talk about something unrelated to the examiner’s question.
  • Try to link your ideas, so that your speech flows well.

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