Graph Writing # 78 - The map shows two possible sites for the supermarket Part

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The blog first gives information about IELTS graphs followed by a sample IELTS graph question. The blog then moves on to give out few sample answers to the given sample question. Finally, it assists students to learn few tips and strategies for writing answers to graph questions in IELTS exam.  

IELTS Graphs

In the IELTS test, one of the tasks that the test taker might face is to analyze and describe graphs, charts, tables or diagrams. The test taker is expected to understand the data represented in the graph, identify the main trends, compare and contrast the data, and describe the information in their own words, using complex structures and vocabulary.

Overall, the ability to understand and describe graph data is an important aspect of the IELTS test and requires good English language skills and knowledge of basic data analysis techniques. Now, let’s look at a sample IELTS graph question as mentioned below.

IELTS Graph – Sample Question

You should spend about 20 minutes on this task.

The map below is of the town of Garlsdon. A new supermarket (S) is planned for the town. The map shows two possible sites for the supermarket. Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.

Write at least 150 words. For the above question, the image has been presented as follows:

IELTS graph 78
Now, considering the above sample question and the related image, let’s write few sample answers for this question.

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IELTS Graph Writing : Sample Answer 1

Two potential locations for the envisioned supermarket in Garlsdon City are shown on the provided map. According to the image, the city has a population of over 65,000 people, and the store might be situated either close to Hindon or in the midst of the industrial region.

Overall, the residents in the Hindson area would choose the first location (S1) because it would be farther from the town centre and less crowded, while those who live in the Bransdon and Cransdon areas would prefer S2.

The railway appears to encircle the city and practically directly cross it on the map. The city's primary residences and industry are surrounded by open space and major roadways for transit. The town centre is located in the midst of the industrial sector, while the majority of the city's housing is on its north and south sides.

The first potential location for the planned supermarket is in the north-west corner, close to the Hindon district, which is home to almost ten thousand people. Hindon residents would find this site suitable for their shopping, but Crandon and Brandon residents, who make up much of the larger population, would be distant from this store.

The second potential location, which is nearly in the city's centre, would be bordered by housing and industrial areas on the city's North and South borders. Due to the fact that it would link all of the city's three shopping districts, this location would be excellent. Since the railroad runs close by, this position would also be excellent for communication.

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IELTS Graph Writing : Sample Answer 2

The image provides details on potential locations in Garlsdon for a supermarket to be built. Overall, it is demonstrated quite clearly that one potential location for a supermarket is in the countryside and the other is in the town centre.

First off, it is clear that the supermarket's initial location (S1) is in the countryside, distant from the town centre and residential areas. However, due to a railway track and the main road that connects the supermarket and town centre, it is accessible to the general public by train and other forms of road transportation from the town centre and their residential regions.

Additionally, although being close to Hendon, it is positioned far from Bransdon and Gransdon, which both have larger populations than Hindon. Looking at the second potential location for the supermarket (S2), it is clear that it is located in the heart of the community, within easy reach of every resident.

Given that there are two ways to get there—by train or by using the main roads—those who reside in Hindon and Gransdon will find it to be rather convenient. Bransdon residents, on the other hand, may only access the supermarket via the main road.

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IELTS Graph Writing : Sample Answer 3

Two potential locations for the construction of a supermarket in the town of Garlsdon are shown on the map. Evidently, the primary distinction between these locations is that the first one is situated on the outskirts of the town, whilst the second one is situated in the heart of the community.

The first potential supermarket site (S1) is located in the Garlsdon area's surrounding countryside, to the northwest of the town. It is close to a major road heading to Hindon, a considerably smaller town than Garlsdon, and is not far from a residential neighbourhood. Additionally, a train track that passes directly through the centre of town is nearby.

The second potential supermarket location (S2), in contrast, is situated smack dab in the centre of Garlsdon. Although no traffic is allowed in this location, two different housing developments are close by. A train track and many major highways going to other smaller towns with populations less than half as large as Garlsdon are also nearby.

Let’s now look at few tips and strategies to write answers for IELTS graphs.

  • Read instructions carefully.
  • Use language that is adequate and appropriate as per the graph.
  • Copying the answer can lead to losing the band score, so paraphrasing is extremely important in your answer.
  • You must make sure that you are using the right tense. If the data is given in past, then you must use the past tense.
  • You must create a comprehensive vocabulary list that will enable you to paraphrase while describing.
  • Practice as many writing tasks as possible.

Overall, this blog will help you in providing general information about IELTS graphs and will also assist you in comparing different sample answers to a single sample question. After going through the blog, you will be able to comprehend an IELTS graph question and learn how to write an answer to it. The tips and strategies provided at the end will definitely help you write better answers to IELTS graph questions.  

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