How I improved my IELTS in one easy lesson

  • Team MasterPrep
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  • Sep 28, 2021 02:40 AM

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Worried? Yes, I was worried about my IELTS scores? I had only 15 days left to sit for my exam and hadn’t practiced much. So, I took this one short and that too an easy lesson which helped me improve my IELTS.

The short lesson lasted only for few hours and laid down few steps that I could follow to improve my IELTS. Here, I would share those steps with you so that you may enhance your IELTS skills as well.

Steps I learnt in that one easy lesson are:

1. At first, it taught that I need to understand that IELTS is a test of one’s English language ability. That was my early learning of the day. So, better your English, higher will be your IELTS score. Therefore, I started improving my English.

2. IELTS tests your English skills in all four ways: Reading, Writing Listening and Speaking. In order to improve my skills in all these four faculties of the language, I was further given lessons which will be detailed out in other steps.

3. I learnt to learn English actively. To enhance my reading skills, I was asked to read newspaper articles and a book for half an hour on daily basis. Newspaper articles included the short editorials as well as the daily news reports, while the book could be any of my interest to start with!

4. To improve my writing, the lesson taught me to underline the tough words that I came across in the articles and the news reports. I further learnt to write these in a notebook with their meanings, antonyms, synonyms and their usage in form of sentence making. Then, I was taught to revise them regularly.

5. To work upon my listening skills, I learnt to watch documentaries, English movies, BBC News, SBS programmes etcetera. This way, I would learn to catch various English accents from around the world. The lesson also emphasised on listening to English songs from around the world.

6. To speak more fluently and effortlessly in English, the lesson laid importance on having conversations on topics like family, hobbies, favourite films, siblings etcetera with my friends and family in English. It also signified that I should have an ‘English Only’ kind of zone with my colleagues, friends and family, where, I converse only in English.

7. After I had practiced my above reading, writing, listening and speaking skills, the lesson taught me to learn again the basics of grammar. Once the foundation in grammar was strong, it further taught me to learn various grammatical structures and their usage so that I could use these efficiently in my writing and speaking modules.

8. Finally, the short lesson conveyed that I need to practice original IELTS test before I book it.

I followed the above eight easy steps that I was taught in the one easy lesson that was delivered to me. It was only after following these steps rigorously that I decided to book my IELTS test. While practicing the authentic IELTS tests, I observed that my bands improved as I practiced the activities mentioned in the given Golden Eight Steps.

So, here was my short guide to improve IELTS in one easy lesson!