How To Clear Your PTE To Describe Image Section?

  • Team MasterPrep
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  • Sep 23, 2022 05:07 PM

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Students will agree that PTE speaking describe image is one of the most dreaded tasks in the PTE academic test. Nevertheless, sitting and thinking about clearing it will not fetch anything, but your actions will. In this post, we will give you tips to help you conquer your fear of describing an image section.

The ‘Describe Image’ section is not just an English proficiency checking task but is a way to your favorite study abroad destination. It is essential and not too easy. We bring you tips that will help you ace the PTE describe image section.

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1. You will be given 40 seconds to complete this section: Make sure you start speaking immediately as you have 40 seconds. Remember, DO NOT stop talking before the beep goes off or else, your response will not be recorded.

2.Remember DO NOT get into much detail because of a time crunch.

3.Always remember that 40 seconds is very less time. In this time, you can barely speak 4-5 sentences. Therefore, it is advisable on making your description straight and straightforward. 

4.If you are struggling to construct a story, then, in this case, drop this thought altogether. Prefer making a description that makes sense. In this way, you don’t have to care about giving it a proper structure.

5.DO NOT come up with ‘glamorous’ vocabulary. Instead, go for simple words.

6.Talk to your PTE trainers and learn words and phrases that will come handy, good enough to make a sentence sound elegant.

7.The description of the image should start from understanding of the image to forming legible sentences to pronounce the word correctly.

8.Know The Different Types Of Images Asked: Many different kinds of images can be asked in the Describe image task of PTE Speaking modules like Bar Graph, Line Graph, Pie Chart, Tables, Maps, Pictures, Flowcharts, Life Cycle and Others.

9.Keep a Mental Note of the Time You Have to Speak: Always keep a mental note of the main ideas.  Because of the time crunch, you have to make mental notes so that you don’t waste a single minute from your 40 second time window.

10.Always maintain your confidence and keep your state of mind peaceful.

11.Make sure you are aware of the scoring method & criteria:  This task is testing three main sub-skills like Content, Pronunciation and Oral Fluency. Therefore, make sure you are logical with your explanation. Also, make sure you pronounce the words.

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