How to Crack Duolingo English Test

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You can learn more about the Duolingo English test in this post, including how it works, how to prepare for it, and tips on how to pass it. To acquire an understanding of the test preparation method and essential advice, read this article through to the finish.

What is Duolingo English Test?

One of the easiest and most accessible ways to test your English proficiency is with Duolingo. It is an exam that is taken online. It evaluates four skills: Speaking, Writing, Listening, and Reading. The test lasts an hour, and the results are available to the students in two to three days.

The format of the Duolingo English test is as follows:

Introduction 5 minutes
Adaptive Test 45 minutes
Video Interview 10 minutes

The Duolingo exam can be taken as many times as you like. One can only take it twice in a 30-day period. Students can use the test to not only gain admission to foreign universities but also to find employment overseas. The exam will cost you about $49 which is equivalent to 4,060.70 INR.

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How is Duolingo Different from Other English Tests?

There are various ways that Duolingo differs from other English tests:

  1. Accessibility: Unlike other exams that call for you to visit a testing facility, Duolingo can be taken from any location with an internet connection. The test is available around-the-clock and can be taken on a computer.
  2. Cost: Other English examinations might cost anything between $150 and $300. On the other hand, the English test on Duolingo is only $49!
  3. Format: The test format used by Duolingo differs from those of other English tests. Your reading, writing, listening, and speaking abilities will be evaluated through a series of test modules. The test is made more interesting and less stressful by the interactive questions and real-life scenarios that they use.
  4. Adaptive- The test on Duolingo is adaptive, which means that the questions' levels of difficulty change according to how well you perform. The following question will be a little bit harder if you respond correctly to one. The subsequent question will be simpler if you give a wrong response. This guarantees that the test will appropriately reflect your level of proficiency.
  5. Quick Results: Duolingo gives you your results within 48 hours of taking the test, unlike other tests that can take several weeks to process. Students who need to submit their applications by the deadline will particularly benefit from the rapid turnaround time.

Overall, the English exam offered by Duolingo gives users a quick, low-cost, and useful way to show how well they understand the language.

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How to prepare for the exam?

You should concentrate on developing your language abilities and test-taking techniques if you want to crack the Duolingo English Test. Here are some pointers to help you reach your desired score:

  • Know the test format-   It's crucial to familiarise yourself with the structure and format of the Duolingo English Test before taking it. You can better organise your time and comprehend the requirements for each area if you do this.
  • Know more vocabulary- Expand your vocabulary because it will help you on the test. You can read English-language novels, articles, and news to increase your vocabulary. You can also work on incorporating new words into your writing and speaking.
  • Practice your grammar- Grammar is another important component of the exam, so make sure you practice it. You can do grammar exercises, view English-language films, or listen to English-language podcasts to enhance your grammar.
  • Develop your listening and speaking skills-  The listening and speaking sections of the exam demand you to comprehend and respond to spoken English, so practice your listening and speaking abilities. You can practise speaking with a native English speaker, watch English-language TV episodes and movies, and listen to English-language music to enhance your listening and speaking abilities.
  • Do it on your own- Take practice exams to familiarise yourself with the format, scheduling, and organisation of the real test. On its website, Duolingo provides practice exams that can be used to familiarise yourself with the exam and pinpoint areas where you need to improve.
  • Time management: You have to manage your time well because the Duolingo English Test is timed. Ensure that you allot enough time for each test area, and practice working quickly.
  • Stay calm and focused- During the test, it's crucial to maintain your composure and concentration. Breathe deeply and attempt to reduce your stress levels by engaging in mindfulness exercises like meditation or visualisation.
  • Read the instructions carefully - The test requires you to upload a valid ID, so keep it ready. You need to decide where you will take the test. It's also a good idea to make sure the desktop or laptop is in good shape. Remember, your results won't be certified and you'll have to retake the Duolingo English Test if you wear headphones or earbuds while taking it.

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Duolingo English Test Syllabus

The listening, speaking, writing, and reading skills of a person are tested by the Duolingo English proficiency questions. These are creative questions that call for proficiency in English rather than memorization of facts. The types of questions that frequently appear on the Duolingo Exam and are appropriate for inclusion in the Duolingo English test curriculum are as follows:

  • Fill in the missing words or letters
  • Read aloud the sentence given on the screen 
  • Writing the description of a given image or topic
  • Identify the correct pronunciation of the words by hearing
  • Identifying which are the words of the Real English
  • Type what you hear
  • Write an answer in about 50 words
  • Respond to an audio question by speaking

The video interview is a 10-minute test where you are given a subject to speak about, such a scenario or a picture, and you must record yourself as you do so. Your English fluency, as well as your proficiency in speaking and understanding the language, are assessed during this test. You must talk clearly and naturally during the interview exam, and your audio and video must be clear.

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Understanding Duolingo scores

There is no such thing as a Duolingo passing score. The lowest score, however, is 10, and the greatest score is 160. Duolingo scores are valid for two years. An IELTS score of 7.0 is equivalent to a score between 115 and 120.

Students are provided with a secured access to their certificates after taking the exams. An overall summary of your abilities is provided in the scores.  The subscores assess your proficiency in particular test domains.

Despite the fact that this test is rather different from other well-known language proficiency exams like the IELTS, it would be beneficial for students to know how they performed in comparison to such exams. The sections below show the Duolingo test levels that relate to the IELTS scoring band.

Duolingo  IELTS Academic
160 8.5-9
150-155 8
140-145 7.5
130-135 7
120-125 6.5
105-115 6
95-100 5.5
80-90 5
65-75 4.5
10-60 0-4

The Duolingo English Test is a good solution for those who do not meet the requirements to take the TOEFL or IELTS. And this is so because the Duolingo English Test is easier to use and has fewer sections that require scoring. So, Duolingo English Test is the best option for those who desire a quick and simple certification in the English language.

The Duolingo English Test is no different when it comes to the stress of passing a language exam. Although it differs significantly from other tests, with little practise on mock exams, familiarity with the format, and a little luck, you might even do well on it. We hope that you should now have all the knowledge you require to successfully complete the Duolingo English Test.

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