How to Gain Points in IELTS Speaking

  • Team MasterPrep
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  • Jan 27, 2023 12:05 PM

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Speaking module in IELTS tests a candidate's ability to speak fluent English, to answer questions, and to give logical reasoning for the questions asked by the examiners. Some candidates are confident enough to score a good band in this module whereas others feel very nervous and hesitant in speaking in English and thus score a very low band score in this module. Why is this the case is a very important question and today we are going to discuss the factors which affect one's scores in this module.

Speaking test is difficult for those whose native language is something else and who live in families and environments where English is spoken sparsely. These learners struggle a lot while speaking and their confidence is always low in front of the examiner. It is surprising to see that they perform well in the other modules like writing and reading but when it comes to speaking they worry a lot and make multiple errors in front of the examiner. Now the question arises how can this fear be overcome? As we are all aware, English has emerged as an international language, and speaking fluently in English has become an important benchmark in today's life. Let us find out what can be done to be able to speak fluently in this language.

First and foremost, immerse yourself in English if you want to be a confident speaker. What do I mean by that? Watch English movies, series, and dramas, listen to English songs, read books, magazines, and novels in ENGLISH. Try to get a hold of the language, understand its nuances, focus on its rhythm, stress pattern, and intonation, and get a hand on experience of how the language is spoken. This would help you to understand the subtleties of a language, encourage you and instill confidence in you to speak in this language.

The next step would include speaking in English with people around you, having small conversations in English, and trying to only speak in English whenever possible. If you can't find any person who can talk in English, try talking out loud, standing in front of a mirror or you can record yourself on your phone and have an imaginary conversation with someone. This would definitely build up your confidence.

It goes without saying that grammar and vocabulary are two essential components of any language, English also and for that you need to brush up your grammar and build up your vocabulary, slowly and steadily to gain command of this language. Reading is a good habit to improve your vocabulary and also there are many online games like scrabble, wordie, etc to make this learning an enjoyable experience.

In addition to this, talking about IELTS, get to know the test pattern of the speaking module. For this, many videos are available on the internet which can be viewed for better clarity. Also having in-depth knowledge of the parameters of marking criteria will help you to speak without hesitancy and achieve a high band score.

Finally as goes an old adage-practice makes a man perfect-holds true for this exam too. Practice as much as you can. For this find a trainer who can help you to improvise your language skills and help you to achieve an overall score of more than 7 bands in the IELTS exam. For better understanding, you can visit the Canamprep website or join online/offline classes in a Canamprep center.