IELTS Speaking Exam: What to do When You don’t Know the Answer to any Question

  • Team MasterPrep
  • minute read
  • Jan 31, 2023 05:43 PM

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Sometimes the examiner asks you some questions in the IELTS speaking module that you don’t have the answers. And this is not a pleasant thought. We all know that IELTS exam is important. But, what can we do in these situations? You can have a look at some of the ways to respond to a difficult question.

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1.  Answer it with another question:

Answering a question with another question is a great way to buy some time to think of the answer. You get a question like, ‘What developments of green energy are there in your country?’ you could simply ask, and ‘what is green energy?’ It will give you some clarification on the topic and will give you some time to answer differently!

2.  Try to shift your response:

If you encounter such a question that you don’t have any clue about then you can shift your response. For example, if the examiner asks you a question regarding waterskiing, then you can respond by saying, ‘I don’t know anything about waterskiing, but I do know about alpine skiing.’ See the way you carefully shifted the topic to your favourite topic. Now you can answer fluently answer the question.

3. Giver logical reasons as to why you don’t know the answer to a particular question:

By giving proper and logical explanations as to why you don’t know the answer, it will show your fluency in English. That what is needed to be examined after all! They do not want to judge your knowledge, but your fluency in the English language.

4.  Apologize and move on

Human beings might not know everything; after all, you are not Google right? In the speaking test, if you encounter such a topic that you are completely clueless like international laws, UN security policy, then you can simply apologize and move on. Respond politely and say, ‘I am sorry, this is an area I am unfamiliar with.’ And you can move on to another question.

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