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In this part the examiner wants to hear answers on abstract topics that are related to the part 2 talk. What is the difference between part I and part III questions? IELTS Speaking Part I question can be: Tell me something about your friends? Where as Part III question is: Can people of opposite personality be good friends? The questions will become more difficult in Part-III. Give a full answer to each question and try to give examples wherever possible. The examiner can only judge you, if you speak at length. Answer each question directly and try to link your ideas. Possible questions for Part-III on the topic - A house you would like to live can be:

  • Where do people prefer to live in independent houses or apartments? According to my perspective, it is a personal choice. Both has its advantages and disadvantages. However, I personally feel that most of the people would prefer to live in an independent house as all of us want privacy and a little open green space in front of our house.
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of living in an apartment? In my opinion, apartments are safer as compared to independent homes. They are ideally suited for old people and women who tend to live alone. But one big advantage according to me, is that, it lacks privacy and sometimes it gets very suffocating in a small cramped place.
  • How necessary do you think it is for an individual to have his own house? I think it is very important to have your own house because it gives a sense of security to an individual. Besides, it is an asset which can come to a person's rescue in bad times. I can narrate an incident from my friend's life. His father was a businessman and his business failed so in order to return the money they sold their home or else they would have been in trouble.
  • Do you think it is the duty of government to provide housing for poor people? Yes, I think so, the state has to look after the poor and the destitute. These people are not able to afford money for their basic needs. So if the government builds houses for them it would really be very helpful for these people. For example- in my country government has started subsidized housing schemes for these people which have really proved very beneficial.

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