IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample 255 : In the developed world, average life expectancy is increasing

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The blog first puts across an IELTS sample essay question that may appear in the IELTS exam. Then, it leads on to present three sample answers for the same IELTS essay sample question for students to compare. 

IELTS Essay: Exploring a Sample Question

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

In the developed world, average life expectancy is increasing. What problems will this cause for individuals and society? Suggest some measures that could be taken to reduce the impact of ageing populations.

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience. You should write at least 250 words.

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IELTS Essay – Sample Answer 1

The average person's life expectancy is rising in the modern world. Although many individuals view the trend favourably, it has created some issues for several nations. The impact of this promising development will be covered in the subsequent essay, along with some potential solutions.

A single person's average life expectancy has increased recently, which is a result of global advancements in the fields of economics, social politics, education, and public health. Despite this advantageous growth, governments have faced significant difficulties as a result of the ageing population.

First off, as the population of seniors grows, so does the budget that governments are required to set aside for medical care and retirement funds. Second, issues with density will be correlated with the rise in older citizens. Growing elderly populations boost housing demand, which drives up property prices and presents a challenge for younger generations.

Governments could, however, take a few actions to solve the problem. Governments could raise the standard retirement age as one option. Since many older individuals are still in good health and condition, several countries have a standard pension age of 55 years old, which they may raise to 60 or 65 years. As a result, it would lower government spending on retirement-related social benefits.

In addition, governments might give young people a subsidy when they want to purchase a home. In conclusion, the average life expectancy has increased as a result of the world's recent rapid development. But because of the issues that this great trend has brought up for people and communities, governments must act to address the situation.

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IELTS Essay – Sample Answer 2

The average life expectancy has increased in the developed and the industralised nations which has led to an ageing population. This results in a number of problems for both society and individuals.

Firstly, the elderly population needs more medical care due to their old age, as a result, expenses for their treatment are rising. This has created a strain and burden on the public healthcare system, thus, making it challenging for governments to offer everyone access to better and high-quality medical care.

Another issue related with an ageing population is a decrease in the workforce, leading to a shortage of skilled labour and hence, reduced economic productivity. This can result in a decrease in economic growth and a decrease in the standard of living for everyone.

Furthermore, the older population often relies on pensions and other forms of financial support from the government, which puts a burden on the younger generation to provide financial support.

To reduce the impact of an ageing population, several measures could be taken. Firstly, the government could encourage people to start saving for their retirement from an early age, so that they are less reliant on government support later in life.

Additionally, the government could encourage people to work for longer periods of time, either through financial incentives or by improving working conditions for older individuals.

Another measure that could be taken is to invest in research and development to improve health care services and support for the elderly. This could involve developing new technologies and medicines that can help to reduce the impact of age-related health problems.

Additionally, the government could encourage the development of new and innovative healthcare services, such as telemedicine and remote health monitoring, to help improve access to healthcare for older individuals.

In conclusion, the increase in average life expectancy in the developed world is leading to an ageing population, which brings several problems for individuals and society.

However, by taking measures such as encouraging people to save for their retirement, investing in research and development, and improving access to healthcare, the impact of an ageing population can be reduced.

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IELTS Essay – Sample Answer 3

In the industralised world, increasing life expectancy has led to a population that is fast ageing and this trend has actually led to various issues both for society and its members.

Firstly, as people become older, their physical and mental capabilities take a downturn. This results in an increased dependency on family members, healthcare facilities and government support. This puts pressure on families, strain on healthcare systems and burden on economies.

Secondly, the increasing elderly population affects the workforce and the economy. As these older workers in the workforce retire, there is a dire shortage of skilled labour force. This further means decreased productivity and less economic growth. The ageing population also puts pressure on pension and healthcare systems, as more resources are needed to support the elderly.

To reduce the impact of an ageing population, several measures can be taken. Firstly, policies can be implemented to encourage people to continue working for longer. This can be achieved by providing incentives for older workers to stay in the workforce, such as tax breaks or flexible working hours.

Moreover, investment in healthcare services should be increased to ensure that older people receive the care they need. This can include increased funding for nursing homes, home healthcare services, and hospitals. Additionally, support should be provided to families caring for elderly relatives, such as tax credits or financial support.

Finally, steps can be taken to promote healthy ageing. This includes encouraging healthy lifestyle choices, such as regular exercise and a balanced diet, and providing access to preventive health services, such as regular health screenings.

In conclusion, the increasing life expectancy in the developed world has led to numerous problems, including increased dependency on others, decreased workforce and economic growth, and pressure on pension and healthcare systems.

However, by taking measures such as encouraging people to work for longer, investing in healthcare services, and promoting healthy ageing, the impact of an ageing population can be reduced.

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