Why study at Northeastern University?

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Northeastern University comes among the most promising universities located in Canada. This research-based U.S.University has two campuses in Toronto and Vancouver (Canada).

Northeastern University comes among the most promising universities located in Canada. This research-based U.S.University has two campuses in Toronto and Vancouver (Canada).

Benefits of studying at the Northeastern University Canada?

By enrolling at this top-notch university, you will get:

  • Experiential Opportunities – While studying at the Northeastern University, students work directly on short-term business projects with industry experts & leaders. These experiential opportunities help the students study in a graduate and professional degree program that is infused with industry-aligned work. Other than that, the institution offers a renowned Experiential Network (XN) learning platform to its students.
  • A Global Network – NEU has an extended network across six continents, 150 countries, 3300 businesses, and non-profit organizations. Through talent development, employee learning and recruitment, events, and academic research collaborations; the Northeastern University Canada collaborates with partners at the international level.

Northeastern University Acceptance Rate

Its important for the students to research about the Acceptance rate of the institution before applying to study abroad. For your kind information, we want to tell you that the typical Acceptance rate / Admission rate of the Northeastern University is 20%, which means out of every 100 applications, only twenty gets accepted. It also mean that the Northeastern university Canada is selective with the admissions of the students. Therefore, the students need to be superior & competent to get admission to the Northeastern University in Canada.  

Other than that, It is advised to the Students to put in all their efforts into crafting a perfect admission application while applying for admission to the Northeastern University in Canada. 

Tips to get admission to Northeastern University in Canada

  • Achieve a high GPA - Northeastern University emphasizes on the academic performance of the students in the past for giving them the admission, and the university views it as "extremely significant factor" while selecting students. Therefore, to get admission to the Northeastern University, you must have a high overall Grade Point Average (More than 4 GPA).

  • Develop some extracurricular activities - You must participate in extracurricular activities in addition to meeting the GPA standards required for getting admission to the Northeastern University. At Northeastern University, extracurricular activities are also regarded as an "important" factor for giving admission to the students. It seeks out students who have one or two areas of expertise and have demonstrated leadership or accomplishments in those areas. Another great way to get the attention of admission authorities is to demonstrate a well-developed interest.
  • Keep a Target of 1540 on the SAT and 35 on the ACT - Test scores are "extremely essential" and comes among the major factors considered for giving students an admission to the Northeastern University in Canada. The middle 50% SAT range for NEU's incoming class is 1430-1540, while the middle 50% ACT range is 33-35. Any score in the middle of 50% is acceptable, however, your chances of admission improve the higher your range score is. If Northeastern University appears at the top of your list? Then you must achieve the GPA and SAT scores required by the Northeastern University.
  • Letters of Recommendation - You must send two letters of reference with your admission application, one from your high school counselor and one from a teacher to get admission to the Northeastern University. These letters are "extremely crucial" to NEU's admissions process.
  • Write compelling essays - The best way to set yourself apart from other candidates is to write an interesting essay. Northeastern University places a high priority on essays and considers them to be "essential" in the admissions process. For the Coalition Application or the Common Application, applicants must submit a personal essay. It would be beneficial if you give careful thought to the essay you create for getting admission to the Northeastern University.
  • The Early Action/Early Decision feature should be used - Even though the likelihood of admission is only 1% to 2%, in general, students who apply earlier have a better chance of being accepted. By applying early, you might increase your chances of being accepted! For first-year students, Northeastern University Canada offers three application choices. The specifics for each are as follows:
    • Seniors who want to apply early in their senior year but aren't sure which institution they want to attend can do so through the Early Action (EA) application procedure. If you are accepted, you do not have to attend NEU.
    • Early decision is a binding application plan. If you are accepted, you will have to revoke your applications to all other colleges and universities. It is intended for students who have picked Northeastern University as their top college choice out of all the options.
    • The main, optional plan is a typical choice. If you believe your senior year will strengthen your application, you should apply for this option. It is non-binding.

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Northeastern University QS Rankings

Northeastern University comes among the best private universities in Canada and it is standing at the rank of 388th overall in the 2023 QS World University Rankings.

Northeastern University World Rankings

  • By 2022, The Times Higher Education (THE) will rank it at 76th position in the world's best universities.

  • US News ranks Northeastern University at number 49.

  • In 2022–23, the Center for World Universities Ranking (CWUR) ranked Northeastern University at 319 & 106 nationally.

  • The Spanish Centro Superior de Investigaciones Cientificas (CSIC) ranks it #182 in 2022 according to Webometrics, which are measurements taken every six months.

  • It stands at 182th position in Forbes' list of top colleges for 2022.

The University's rankings and accomplishments speak volumes about its research and education caliber and if you want to study in Canada, you can surely consider it and apply for admission. One more factor which is highly required to meet the Northeastern University's admission requirements is the IELTS score. So, if you want to apply for admission to the Northeastern University in Canada? Then you will need to score 6.5 bands with no bands lower than 6 bands and for achieving that, you will need to work hard and prepare for your IELTS exam. To boost up your IELTS exam preparation, you can join Masterprep - The best IELTS institute in punjab. There you will get to prepare under the guidance of the experts and experienced teachers that will guide you through the best tips tricks and structure you need to understand in order to achieve high scores in an IELTS exam.

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