Practice of Listening Module in IELTS

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  • Sep 23, 2022 04:14 PM

Table of Contents

Use the following tips to help you score good band in IELTS Listening

Predicting in tables (Listening)

(Form Filling)

Prepare for form filling by familiarizing yourself with the sounds in the English alphabet. The only way to improve is to train your “ears” to separate and understand the words you hear  in the flow of a sentence. For example            P rhymes with G and A rhymes with j

List 1 

a h j k

List 2

b c d e g p t v

List 3                         

f l m n s x

List 4                         

I y

List 5                         

q u

List 6                         

r o w z         

(None of these rhymes with other Letters) Listen to various recordings and try to acquire as much knowledge about phonic sounds. This would definitely help you to score good band in IELTS.

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