Step by Step Guidance for IELTS Success

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  • Sep 23, 2022 05:43 PM

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The writing module of the IELTS exam is one of the most daunting tasks for students. There are some common mistakes that students tend to commit while attempting the writing task. Sometimes students spend too much time thinking about what to write and later rush to complete the task. Moreover, some read the question only once and write for the whole sixty minutes. If students follow the right strategy, students can excel in their writing module 1 and 2. Following are the tips to know more:

STEP 1- Plan:

It is advisable to take some time to ponder on your thoughts or to make some strategy before answering your questions. Read the question correctly and make sure you understand it entirely in terms of the objectives of the question. Also, make sure you understand the question fully in terms of the meaning as well as the overall topic.

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For task 2, make sure you know what style of essay would be writing. Make sure, to plan out all the aspects of the essay before you pen down the whole essay.

STEP 2- Outline:

By now, you know what you want to write and have a pretty good idea about the question as well. Now is the time to take some time to jot down some of the ideas. It is good to invest some time to outline before you start writing. An outline allows you to see if those critical points that will make a perfect essay or not. This would not take more than just two minutes. For task 3, the outline of an essay will not take more than 3 minutes.

STEP 3-Write:

Once the planning and outline are done, the next step is to start writing. This step will make the most of your time. As you will go by creating your beautiful writing piece, you will get more ideas taking birth from your outlined ideas. It is advisable to spend approximately 10 minutes on writing task 1 and 30 minutes on writing task 2.

Step 4- Edit:

It is advisable to keep some time for final edits until the final moments. Please do not submit your writing test without reviewing it. Take your time to edit your work. Your editing process should include your grammar, spelling and punctuation. Make sure you check for mistakes in the areas mentioned above to avoid any negative marking.

Step 5-Revise:

If you want to score well in your IELTS exam, then it is imperative to revise your task 1 and task 2 well. Take your time to review your writing pieces thoroughly.  Make sure your writing pieces makes proper sense. Make sure your essays are well written and are not off-topic at all.

Implying the steps mentioned above in your writing will help you set for success in the writing section. It is advisable to incorporate all the steps well in your practice sessions also so that you are in practice of doing it.

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