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Ireland is among the safest and most welcoming nations in the world. Ireland is a small island off the coast of Europe with vast green lands and old castles. You will also see that it is a modern country. It also provides high-quality education and research. And its universities are the best in the world.

Ireland is among the safest and most welcoming nations in the world. It is a small island off the coast of Europe with vast green lands and old castles. This modern country provides high-quality education and research to the students and its universities are the best in the world.

Why should you study in Ireland?

Ireland has a distinct and modern atmosphere at the international level, and that's why you should consider studying in Ireland. Here are a few reasons why you should study in Ireland:

Unique Culture
Ireland's culture is rich that has festivals, traditions, customs, and folk music. The people of this nation are go-getting other than its rich traditions. They welcome the international students warm-heartedly and are creative and energetic. Hence, they encourage the students to enjoy rural and urban lifestyles. You will also like to visit the castles of Ireland.

Education system of Ireland
Ireland's education system comes among the best in the world and you can apply for about 5000 qualifications in Ireland. You can undoubtedly find various programs to study in Ireland such as Master's program, postgraduate diploma, special qualification, along with various other programs. You will also notice that Ireland's universities provide programs to the international students at a lower fee. However, Ireland, Switzerland, and EU/EEA citizens can get free education at the Bachelor's level.

Its People

Ireland is also among the most people-friendly countries worldwide. Other than that, it is a socially-modernized country. Moreover, while living in Ireland, your rights will be the same as any other citizen while living in Ireland. Above all, the people in Ireland are helping and supportive.

Job Opportunities
It has the head offices of the world's most known pharmaceutical and tech companies. Moreover, Ireland is now an international banking center. In addition, the country has over 1000 multinational companies. It has successfully given some of the world's best writers, scientists, and independent thinkers. So, there will be plenty of jobs for you in Ireland.

Cost of studying in Ireland
It is very affordable to live in Ireland when compared to other developed nations. It also provides the best education to the students and its tuition fee is less than in Australia, Switzerland, or the USA. There are no tuition costs for a bachelor's degree if you belong to he EU or Switzerland. All you have to do is to pay a registration fee. However, you have to pay the tuition fee for a Master's degree. If you are not from the EU and Switzerland, you must pay the tuition fee to study in Ireland. For this, it doesn't matter which course you choose.

Average fees for studying in Ireland

  • Bachelor's studies for EU or Swiss citizens- Irish Pound 3,000
  • Others – Irish Pound 10,000 to Irish Pound 25,000 for usual courses and Irish Pound 50,000 for Medicine
  • Living Cost is approximately Irish Pound 800 to Irish Pound 1,100 per month.

What are the admission requirements to study in Ireland?

If you want to study in Ireland, then, you can apply for a Bachelor's degree through the Central Applications Office. However, it would be best if you visit the Postgraduate Applications Center for a postgraduate degree or diploma. However, not all Irish institutes are a part of this application system. Therefore, you will need to visit the websites of universities after making a list. Then, you will have tp look for the admission requirements. Here are a few admission requirements that are applicable to all the universities and programs:

If you want to go for a Bachelor's program-

  • High school diploma
  • Proof of English language tests

If you want to go for a postgraduate course-

  • Statement of Purpose
  • Educational certificates
  • Resume
  • Letters of Reference
  • GRE or GMAT scores
  • English language test results 
  • A collection of works for art and architecture subjects

Other than that, we would advise you to prepare your documents at least six months before applying to study in Ireland. After applying, you'll have to wait for a reply from the university and you'll get a letter of offer once you get selected for the university. You can then apply for a student visa using this letter.

Henceforth, if you are interested in studying in Ireland, then, you will have to appear for the IELTS exam and achieve good band score in it. So, if you want to achieve good scores in your IELTS exam and learn from the highly experienced faculty under the modern facilities and infrastructure. Then you can enrol at Masterprep Punjab today by calling us on our number 1800-137-5499 or visit our official website Masterprep.in and get your free consultation for the same.

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