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Learn and Understand the most common terms you come across while preparing to get an education abroad

If you are preparing to pursue your education abroad, then, you might have stumbled over some unfamiliar terms relating to education. Therefore, we are here to help you out, especially when different words are used to convey the same thing depending on which English-speaking country you go to. We have mentioned below the most-common terms you will come across while seeking to pursue your further studies abroad.

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 Terms Meaning


It is an advanced level of secondary school examinations that serves as a qualification required for admission to the university. 


Accreditation refers to the approval of colleges & Universities by the recognized bodies that officially bestows an accepted standard upon them.


Bursary is a grant which enables somebody to study in a university or college.

Community College

  • ( In US, Can) A post-secondary institution that offers Associate Degree courses of study and technical & vocational training. An Associate qualification is equal to the 1st two years of a Bachelor’s (Undergraduate) degree. It emphasizes career rather than academic goals.
  • (In NZ) an institution that imparts training in various trades.


  • The prescribed lessons in an educational curriculum, the syllabus.
  • Complete studies leading to a degree.

Credits are termed as successfully completed parts of a higher education course.


  • (In US) College is an institute for pursuing higher education.
  • (In Br.) College refers to one of the institutions that comprise a university.


Curriculum refers to a course of study at a school or college. 


 Dean is a chief administrative officer at a college or university. 


A thesis on a unique topic of research for a Doctorate.


(In US) An elective is a subject that can be chosen from among options as a part of the course of study.

  • (Br.) A group of related disciplines of study.
  • (US) The teaching staff at college or university.


  • (In Br.) A post at university involving research.
  • (In the US) A sum paid from an endowment to support advanced study.



(In US) GPA refers to the combined average of grades obtained for academic coursework on a scale of 4.0


(In US) GRE is known as a test of verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning and analytical writing that assesses basic abilities for a graduate-level study. It is the Graduate Record of Examination in full. 

Hall of Residence

(Br.) A hall of residence is an accommodation for students provided at the university.


An arrangement to stay as a guest at someone’s house. 

Ivy league

A group of eight universities in the New England region that are highly regarded in society for their academic excellence.

Liberal arts

The courses concerned with humanities, fine arts, and language as opposed to technical or professional courses.


(In US) The main field of study that the student chooses to specialize in.


One of the separate parts of a course of study.


(US) SAT is an examination taken by those seeking to get admission to a college. It is the Scholastic Aptitude Test in full.


One of the two main periods into which the study year is divided.


A teacher, along with a small group of students, discusses a topic.


Scholarship refers to the grant for tuition expenses at school or college.


Stipend is a sum of money offered to the students for their living expenses.


An original research submitted as a part of the course in higher studies.


(US, Can) An official record of a student’s academic progress.


The charges levied for training and instruction.


A provision that enables students to engage in part-time work to help fund the tuition.


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