The Importance of Vocabulary in IELTS

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  • Sep 20, 2022 04:54 PM

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It is very important to increase your vocabulary in English, for your IELTS exam. Vocabulary means not only different words but also different forms of these words—the adjective, noun, verb and adverb forms. When learning new vocabulary a student of English needs to be aware of the several aspects of vocabulary which are as under:-

1. Word Forms—the Adjective, Noun, Verb and Adverb forms. Words change their form depending on their function in a sentence.

2. Pronunciation/stress—in a word with several syllables, which syllable carries the main stress? Stress conveys meaning.

3. Register-some words are more formal and more appropriate than others. One must choose the most appropriate word for the context.

4. Word choice-synonyms, opposites, paraphrase.Use variety of vocabulary choices.

5. Organisation—organise your word lists meaningfully, and develop strategies for remembering new words.

This will help you consolidate and extend your vocabulary. Choose Masterprep that provide best IELTS Coaching to score better. Word Forms In English the form of a word can change, sometimes quite significantly, when that word is used as an Adjective or Noun, Verb or Adverb. Example;-

  • Pronunciation : Pronunciation means how-to make the sounds of a language. It also means which sounds to stress.Itcan move on different syllables to distinguish word forms.
  • Analytical Adjective analyst Noun analyse Verb Analytically 
  • Adverb Register It means how formal or appropriate the chosen word is. In all languages some words are more formal than others. In English, a general rule is that a longer word is more formal than a shorter word. The following words all have similar meanings; Look into Study Research Analyse Investigate Which word is the easiest to remember? The smaller word is the easiest to remember.So, you will probably learn study first and then move to research and so on.
  • Word Choice Choosing the best or more appropriate word is important. As your vocabulary grows and strengthens, you will be able to express what you are trying to say more accurately and appropriately. Use synonyms, antonyms for a particular word rather than repeating the same word again and again. For Example; analyse, inspect, scan, study etc.
  • Organization; It is a good strategy when learning vocabulary to organize words by topics. For example take the topic of education. This topic consists of several fields-institutions,faculties,subjects,personnel, subjects and so on. By doing this you will be able to discuss matters quite accurately and also have range of synonyms to draw from.