Things That Make You love and Hate About IELTS

  • Team MasterPrep
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  • Jan 27, 2023 11:44 AM

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IELTS is an acronym for International English Language Testing System. This exam has been designed to assess the learner’s level of English on the scale from 1-9. IELTS exam has become very popular among the students who wish to go to other countries for studying or immigration purpose. With the exam being so popular the market is flooded with course content/institutes and videos-lectures related to IELTS. No doubt, there is ample to be taken from these sites but sometimes it leads to confusion among the candidates, as to which information is relevant and required and which is unwanted or irrelevant.

So, let's start with basic understanding of IELTS. This tests your level of English skills i.e.Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking. Like any other test if your level of English is good there is no need to worry about the exam. However, it would be advisable to know the format of the exam beforehand, so that the learner is confident when writing the exam. First, prime point of this exam is that it is well structured. It has distinct four modules Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking. This is very helpful for the test takers as they know, that if they are weak in one area, say writing, they can work hard and polish their writing skills and thus overcome the shortcomings and get the required score. In other such exams like PTE and TOEFL, the tasks are integrated, so there is a very thin line differentiating the modules. It, at times becomes difficult for the students to identify their weak areas and this leads to a lot of confusion among the test takers.

Second and very practical point about this exam is that there is ample of material available, both in online and offline modes. Thus it is very convenient to find the course content in any part of the globe. Further, the trainers are well versed with the syllabus and the test pattern, making it easier for them to deliver the content. This in turn benefits the students because if the mentors are clear about their content the children are able to grasp it easily. Next, both pen and paper and CD IELTS options are there so even if the learner is not tech-savvy they can opt for the former one and achieve their goals. Whereas for the other English exams, one has to have a good typing speed and thorough knowledge of computers. This aspect is really helpful for the candidates who reside in developing countries and have limited access to computers and internet.

Thus with its easy outreach and accessibility IELTS is one of the most sought-after test, among the candidates who wish to explore new countries for their overall development.

However, with its popularity and likeability, there are certain pitfalls which are a matter of concern for the test-takers. Because of its popularity, the market has been flooded with coaching centers and so-called,” IELTS experts” who are cashing upon the guillable students and their families who have a dream of settling abroad. The teaching standards are not up to the mark and often the candidates are misguided by these people. For instance IELTS, only tests ones level of English. But the so-called” coaching experts” lay stress on rote learning instead of brushing up their basic English skills, be it vocabulary, grammar or pronunciation.

Also, at times the candidates are advised to learn the speaking topics and come for the exam. It is like a gamble and the looser is always the child. In addition, with the advent of online courses, post-Covid, the market is flooded with videos and lectures by IELTS experts. No doubt some of them are helpful but the candidates are not able to sift out what is beneficial for them. This leads to confusion among the students and they end up spending huge amount of funds on getting the right material or mentor for preparing the exam.

Now the question arises as to how to prepare for it? The answer is very simple! Brush up your basic English skills along with your time management and the structure of the exam. Rather than running from pillar to post, it is advisable for the candidates to join a reputed institute like Canamprep to hone essential English skills and get the desired score.