Tips and Tricks For CELPIP Reading and Writing

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  • Jan 31, 2023 05:05 PM

Table of Contents

The Reading Test measures how well you can understand what you read in personal, social and workplace contexts. The Reading Module is for 55-60 minutes. In each part, you will read a text and then answer a set of multiple choice questions. The questions are presented in a drop-down box, and a candidate needs to use the mouse to click on the choice that indicates his answer to the questions. The readings build in complexity as the test progresses. The passages are not very lengthy. However keep track of time and make sure you have enough time to complete all the questions in each part. Next, use your skimming and scanning skills to help you locate the best answers. If you are not able to find the right answer, eliminate the answers that you feel are wrong. Check the remaining answers again and make sure you have looked in the best places in the text to make your choice.

Writing Test

The writing test consists of two tasks designed to measure how well a candidate can communicate through writing in everyday situations. You have 53-60 minutes to complete the writing test. In the first task a candidate will write an e-mail message and in the second task a candidate is required to respond to an opinion survey and explain his choice. The writing test includes a spell check feature. This reduces the chance of making a spelling error. Further, each writing task includes a word count range; you need to be within 10% of that range. The word count is 150-200 words for both tasks. Typing speed should not be a problem for a candidate. A typing speed of five words per minute is fast enough for you to complete the task within the time required. While writing, firstly, read the prompt carefully and try to understand the requirement of the question asked. Use 2-3 minutes, to plan your work and at the same time, in the end to revise your work. In the end check word count and make sure you have responded to all the task requirements. Pay attention to your grammar, spelling, punctuation and formatting. Use strong, descriptive words and phrases and use a varied type of sentence structure. The trainers at Canamprep, help the candidates to clear the basic fundamentals of English grammar ,so as to get good scores in CELPIP test.