Tips to Write Task-1 (letters) in GT IELTS

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  • Sep 28, 2021 02:36 AM

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Task 1,in the General Training IELTS, requires a candidate to write a letter in about 150-170 words. Letter can be informal,written to your family or friends and formal,written to an officer or any higher authority, suggesting certain changes,applying for a job or seeking leave and so on. The most important criteria in letter writing is the tone of the letter. If the letter is being written to any acquaintance, the tone can be informal but if it being written for some official matter , the tone must be polite. Furthermore,the use of appropriate vocabulary strengthens the tone of the letter. Try using words relevant to the given topic,to enhance your band score.

Also correct grammar and punctuation are also going to affect ones band scores.As your English language is being tested,so it becomes very important ,to avoid grammatical errors.Using correct tense forms, following the rules of active and passive voice, or usage of correct parts of speech will go a long way to acquire a good score in ones exam. In addition to this,paying attention to the question prompt is of paramount importance.In ,IELTS question type ,three bullet points are are given along with the prompt. Answer all the points given in the question. Ideally ,make three to four paragraphs,based on the bullet points.For this, a little preparation is required.Sometimes,the candidate has so many ideas for the first point,that he/she writes around 150 words answering that part. Even if the answer is well written the candidate will not be able to get a higher score as for the examiner the answer is incomplete. So, it is recommended to plan your ideas before putting them into the paper.

In the end,revise your work.Editing is very important as while writing in a flow it is likely ,that there are certain errors in your answers. Check for subject-verb agreement, pronouns, spelling mistakes and sentence structure. Revision would also ensure,that the letter is coherent and the ideas are not jumbled or mixed. A proper flow must be maintained throughout your writing,using conjunctions to maintain the rhythm in your writing. Also ensure that the opening sentence and the salutations are written according to the given format and the ending of the letter should be done with proper words like,your sincerely/your affectionately etc.

Keeping the above given points in consideration and with regular practice, it becomes easy to get a good band score. Sometimes we feel that letters are very easy and it would not require any practice. However,a little practice would ensure you to get through this exam with flying colours. For good results and excellent coaching join India's leading institute , Masterprep ,for online coaching.