Top IELTS Reading Test Skills

  • Team MasterPrep
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  • Sep 26, 2022 01:03 PM

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Students are usually scared of the IELTS reading module. But do not worry, in this blog post, we bring you some of the best IELTS reading exam skills that you need to inculcate to improve your English.

Read the following top tips to increase your score:

1. Develop skills: There are around 14 different types of questions, and one needs to find a strategy to tackle each one of them. Most students struggle with true or false questions. Therefore, it is recommended to develop a plan to address different kinds of questions.

2. Skimming and scanning: practice skimming and scanning passages to score good in the IELTS reading module. This does not mean that you need to understand the passages well; it means you need to skim read the full passage in 1-2 minutes. It is recommended to underline any keywords you see. Choose best IELTS Reading Institute that provide you excellent IELTS Reading Classes to score better.

3. Increase your reading speed: It is recommended to develop speed reading skills to be able to find your answers quickly. It is done because there is a strict time limit that challenges the candidate’s ability to complete the questions in time.

4. Do not try to understand the full passage: Candidate’s task is to locate answers. Most of the questions assess your ability to find specific information given. There are only two different types of questions that require a more detailed understanding of the whole passage.

5. Develop vocabulary: Strengthen your vocabulary if you want to score well in your IELTS reading module. Learning vocabulary is not about learning the meaning of a new word, but, mastering the usage of it.

6. Keywords: Each question in the reading module will have keywords to help you locate the information in the reading passage. You need to learn to spot keywords and use them correctly.

7. Grammar: Question types such as summary and sentence completion require a student to be grammatically sound. It means that grammar can help you spot the right answer.

8. Practice: Make sure you practice regularly; otherwise, you won’t be able to improve. Practice all the tricks and strategies to score well in your IELTS reading module.

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