What Should We use- Pen or Pencil for IELTS Exam?

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  • Feb 01, 2023 11:58 AM

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The most commonly asked question by an IELTS aspirant is whether he should use a pen or pencil in the IELTS test. The answer to your question is YES! You can use either a pen or a pencil in your IELTS writing task.’ It does not make a difference in the scoring process whether you are using a pen or pencil in your IELTS exam. Just remember that the most important thing is that your handwriting should be easy to read. Therefore, choose whatever makes you comfortable.

If you are going to use a pen, then it is recommended to cross out the wrong answer and write the correction in a small letter. This way, the examiner will understand that the crossed-out words should be ignored.

Students, who joined an IELTS coaching institute for preparation, might be aware of these tips. Those, who have not joined any, these tips, will prove to be very useful.

1. IELTS listening and reading modules:

Important tip: Kindly note that all the answers in the reading and listening modules should be written with a pencil.

a. What if I have bad handwriting?

Do not worry; your bad handwriting will not affect your score as long as the examiner can read your paper. In reading and writing modules, the answers are either correct or incorrect. Therefore, handwriting does not play any vital role in it. It is advisable to bring an eraser so that you could neatly correct your answers.

2. Writing module:

In the writing module, it is okay if your handwriting is not beautiful. Just make sure your written essay looks legible enough for the examiners. The writing exam assesses:

1. Task response

2. Coherence & cohesion

3. Vocabulary and

4. Grammar

Therefore, your handwriting will not affect your score in any way.

a. There are essential tips that you should keep in mind:

  • If you are using a pen in the IELTS exam, it is okay to cross out mistakes. Just make sure the examiner can read everything.
  • Also, check with your IELTS test center to see whether they are supplying stationary. However, you should bring your stationery to be sure.
  • DO NOT put a single thin line through mistakes. Instead, put many lines through mistakes to delete the word. It will make it easier for the examiner to see which word were mistakes and which are not.
  • Make sure the pencil is not too light in color.

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