Effective Communication

Communication is an inseparable part of our lives. The preferred means of communication is verbal and you need a language to communicate with people. Language is an innate part of our personality. In the past few decades, English has emerged to be the most widely spoken language throughout the globe. Keeping this in mind, teaching methodology at Masterprep takes the learner from being a novice to an expert. The course content has been developed by university professors who combined state-of-the-art learning theory with proven classroom practices.
The course has been divided into three levels. A students’ learning style and comfort level determines his route and pace of the course.

• The beginner course develops your ability to respond with more flexibility in basic conversational situations-greetings, farewells, introduction etc.
• Intermediate course provides complete and systematic coverage of English grammar with particular emphasis on spoken English. For instance, simple conversations on familiar topics like looking for a shop, buying groceries etcetera.
• Advanced course broadens the content further to include linguistically more challenging topics, such as making business calls, talking to a customer care representative etcetera.

We aim to improve language skills of our students and instill confidence while communicating in English.