The speaking module is a face to face interview with a certified examiner. You will be asked to answer questions in context to real life situation. Your ability to communicate in English will be tested here. Please find points to help you navigate through the speaking module:

  • The speaking test usually takes place after the other parts of the test.
  • It’s duration is 11 -14 minutes.
  • It is one to one speaking interview which is recorded at the same time.
  • The speaking test has three parts :

Round 1 (3-4 minutes): The examiner asks general questions about yourself and everyday situations.

Round 2 (3-4 minutes): It is a monologue where the examiner asks to describe a simple topic. The candidate is expected to prepare the topic for one minute and speak for another two minutes.

Round 3 (4-5 minutes): This section is an extension of the cue card question where the candidate expresses his opinion on topics closely related to the cue card question.

Marking Criteria

IELTS Speaking is evaluated as per the following criterion.

Fluency If one is able to talk at length or not.
If one is able to talk without pauses and hesitation.
If one is self-correcting or not.
If one is well understood or not.
If one is using connectors or not
Lexical resources If one is paraphrasing and using a range of words.
If one is using collocations or not.
If one is using less common vocabulary
If one is avoiding errors
Grammar Range and Accuracy If one is using a range of sentence structures.
If one is using a range of Grammar Tenses.
If one is avoiding errors.
Pronunciation If the language is well understood.
If one is able to use intonation.
If one’s accent does not affect understandingIf one uses accurate words and sound pronunciation.