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PTE Academic

Pearson Test of English

PTE is an abbreviation for the Pearson Test of English. The PTE – Academic tests English language skills of non-natives who wish to pursue educational programs from an English speaking country. It is widely accepted by various institutions in the UK, Australia, USA, Canada, New Zealand, and Ireland.

Masterprep provides PTE – Academic test exam preparation. There are separate PTE labs that facilitate students with an exam like environment for preparation. The classes are structured, beginning with the orientation program that familiarizes our students with the test format. The trainers then assist students in developing strategies to attempt each section. The final practice sessions challenge aspirants to use their understanding to take the full test under time constraints.

Test Pattern

PTE Academic is a three hour exam that includes three sections, namely Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing as one module. The test comprises twenty question types ranging from multiple-choice to essay writing and interpreting information.

Introduction Introductory questions Not timed
Part 1 Speaking and Writing 77-93 minutes
Part 2 Reading 32-41 minutes
Optional Scheduled Break 10 minutes
Part 3 Listening 45-57 minutes

 The details of the above sections are as follows:


The duration of this section is 77 to 93 minutes. The test is based on Speaking and Writing skills of English language communication. It comprises of seven segments based on various question types; the particulars of which are given in the table below:

Introduction The section lasts for 55 seconds and includes an introduction. This section is not marked but sent to various institutions with your score report.
Read Aloud This section includes a text of 60 words. The candidate is given 30-40 seconds to prepare, and thereby read aloud.
Repeat Sentence The candidate is given 3 to 9 seconds to prepare and 15 seconds to record the text in the same order.
Describe Image The candidate is expected to study an image for 25 seconds and record his answer in the next 40 seconds.
Re-Tell Lecture The candidate is expected to answer 3-4 questions based on an audio and an image. One gets 10 seconds to prepare and 40 seconds to answer all details that include the situation, characters, situation, aspects, actions and developments given in the recording.
Answer Short Question This section is a test of your vocabulary. The candidate is expected to answer in a single word or a few words to a prompt of 3-9 seconds.
Summarize Written Text The candidate is given 10 minutes to summarize a text prompt of 300 words in not more than 75 words.
Essay The aspirant is required to write an argumentative essay of around 200-300 words in 20 minutes on a given topic.

This section lasts for 32-41 minutes and tests your reading skills. It comprises of 15 – 20 questions based on independent as well as integrated skills and has five question types. The particulars are described in the table below:

Multiple Choice, Choose Single Answer This section comprises of a prompt of 300 words with possible response options, of which only one is correct.
Multiple Choice, Choose Multiple Answers The candidate is expected to read a prompt of 300 words and select multiple answers from a list of options.
Re-Order Paragraphs The aspirant reads a text prompt of 50 words to rearrange a set of text boxes with reference to the already read paragraph.
Reading: Fill in the Blanks It comprises of a text prompt of around 80 words. The candidate is expected to select an answer from 6-8 words given to fill in the blanks.
Reading and Writing: Fill in the Blanks The candidate selects one of the five options to fill the blank spaces with reference to a text prompt of around 80 words.

The duration of this section is 45-57 minutes that primarily tests the candidates listening skills. It comprises of multiple choice questions that evaluates up to two skills and has eight question types. The particulars of which are given in the table:

Summarize Spoken Text The candidate hears a recording of around 60-90 seconds to write a summary of approximately 50 words in 10 minutes.
Multiple Choice, Multiple Answer The candidate hears a recording of 40-90 seconds and is expected to pick multiple options that are correct.
Fill in the Blanks This section comprises of a recording of 30-60 seconds and type answers in the blanks while the recording is being played.
Highlight Correct Summary In order to complete the task, the candidate hears a recording of 30-90 seconds and select only one response.
Multiple Choice, Single Answer The aspirant is given information to read for context, and thereby hears a recording of around 30-60 seconds.
Select Missing Word The candidate is required to predict the last words of a text after listening to a recording between 20-70 seconds.
Highlight Incorrect Words This section requires the candidate to select words that do not match a recording of 15-50 seconds.
Write From Dictation In order to complete the task, the candidate is required to listen to a recording between 3-5 seconds and type your answer in a response box.

Marking Criteria

The score report provides an overall score; a score for each communicative skill and a score for each of the enabling skills. The overall score ranges from 10-90 with both independent and integrated skills marked.