Spoken English


Be Fluent & Flawless in your Spoken English

Spoken English is basically termed as a conversation, that takes place between people enhancing the aspect of English Language in each other. It paves a way for an individual to become confident, as well as proficient in speaking English.  Whether an individual wants to pursue higher studies or to establish his career, basic knowledge of English has an utmost importance.


  • To develop basic language skills (Reading, Listening, Writing and Speaking).
  • To develop an individual’s awareness about the importance of English, as a means of International Communication.
  • To develop an individual’s personal and professional abilities.
  • To learn new English vocabulary, refine English pronunciation and make one communicate comfortably in real life situations.
  • To acquaint students with the phonological structure of modern English.
  • To enhance knowledge of key Business concepts such as writing and reading basic business reports and memos.

MASTERPREP conducts classes in an integrated way, firstly orienting students with the Basic Grammar and its usage followed by solving numerous exercise sheets for better understanding. Basic English Grammar comprises topics like all parts of speech, word formation, Tenses, etc.

Further, the students are expected to be acquainted with the various uncommon words by making them aware of the appropriate usage of such words.  However, Enhanced Vocabulary makes a student more polished while having a conversation. This includes topics like, advanced lexical course, topic specific vocabulary, idiomatic phrases etc.

Classes at MASTERPREP, also include the concept of role play to enable the students to converse in their daily life. This is done by providing them real life situations highlighting the aspect of Conversation in English.

To give a concrete understanding to students, MASTERPREP, aids the students in inculcating the concept of soft skills and business skills, for example, public speaking, intonation, presentation skills, and reading articles for general understanding, organizing Mock Sessions, respectively.