• Interjections are words that express emotion.
  •  They are followed by either an exclamation point or a comma. They do not have a grammatical place in the sentence.
  • They should not be used in academic writing.
These Are Some Common Interjections: Oh, Great, Wow, Ouch, Hey, Please, Yes, Oops, Goodness, Hooray, Well, Yikes, Yippee, Ugh, Aha and No.

Exercise A: Underline the interjection in each sentence below.

1.    Oh! I can’t believe I left my computer at home.

2.    Hooray! We finally reached the playoffs.

3.    Oh, you should have seen the last game.

4.    Wow! I received my first award.

5.    Well, one day her sister’s dog became sick and only the doctor was able to help her.

6.    No! Don’t lean against the wet paint.

7.    Ouch! A yellow jacket just stung me on my neck and my back.

8.    Wait! Are you allergic to cats or dogs?

Exercise B: Add an interjection to the beginning of each sentence.

1. __________________________! Do not interrupt the teacher.
2. __________________________ , what a wonderful time we had at the mall!
3.__________________________, Did you see the size of that snake?
4.__________________________, what a fabulous experience for students.
5.__________________________ I cannot find my keys.
6.__________________________, that hurts, “I told my doctor.
7. __________________________, that job seems difficult!
8. __________________________ doctors must have a college degree.
9.__________________________! I would love to be an astronaut.
10.__________________________, the earth is shaking!
11.__________________________, that should be interesting.
12.__________________________, The queen bee has only one job.
13.__________________________! In eight weeks they will be going off to college.
14.__________________________, did you say that she was born on Thanksgiving?
15.__________________________! I passed my math exam.

Exercise C: Using Interjections. Write sentences using an appropriate interjection to express the emotions or feelings indicated. Then, underline each interjection.

1.    joy ______________________________________________________________________

2.    pain______________________________________________________________________

3.    anger_____________________________________________________________________

4.    happiness_________________________________________________________________

5.    excitement ________________________________________________________________

6.    surprise __________________________________________________________________

7.    shocked__________________________________________________________________

8.    relief_____________________________________________________________________