1. False: The answer is false as 2nd paragraph says ‘it is rarely encouraged’ meaning it is avoided.
  2. True: 4th paragraph last sentence
  3. Not Given: The passage clearly mentions the role of females but no information regarding males has been given.
  4. True: 6th paragraph tells about the birch pitch being used as gum and glue. Hence, it is true.
  5. False: In the 4th paragraph, it has been clearly mentioned that the scientists assumed (thought up) it, but the empirical evidence proved otherwise.
  6. Pliable: 1st paragraph 4th sentence says, “have helped it to make it more pliable and sticky”. As sticky has been mentioned in the text, so the other word i.e. ‘pliable’ is the correct answer.
  7. Flint: 3rd paragraph 4th line
  8. 5: 5th paragraph 7th line
  9. 18: 5th paragraph 7th line
  10. 30: 5th paragraph 9th line
  11. Tar: 6th paragraph 2nd line
  12. Birch bark: 6th paragraph 2nd line
  13. Waterproof: 6th paragraph 4th line
  14. $11.2 million: 1st paragraph 4th line
  15. $12.7 million: 1st paragraph 3rd line
  16. David Zaslav: 2nd paragraph 3rd line
  17. Discovery: 2nd paragraph 4th line
  18. 33: 2nd last paragraph 3rd line
  19. N: 5th paragraph says, “Comparing men’s pay to women’s as a group is a bit unfair, statistically speaking. The sample size is much smaller for women so any change among that group has an outsized impact.
  20. Y: 3rd paragraph says, “While women enter U.S. companies at roughly the same rate as men, experts say their ranks grow thinner at each step up the corporate ladder. There are a number of reasons for this, including unconscious bias
  21. Y: 2nd paragraph says, “Barra tops the list of female CEOs with a pay package valued at nearly $21.9 million, unchanged from the prior year”.
  22. NG: The last paragraph mentions that the “#metoo movement has helped raise awareness of the issue” but does not say anything about it leading to higher salaries for women.
  23. N: 1st paragraph says, “That reflects a raise of $680,000 for the same group of female CEOs from a year before, versus a raise of $540,000 for the men” which means that the increase in median salary of female CEOs was higher.
  24. C: 2nd paragraph says, “Barra tops the list of female CEOs with a pay package valued at nearly $21.9 million”.
  25. A: 3rd paragraph says, “The AP’s CEO compensation study, conducted by Equilar”.
  26. B: 5th paragraph 3rd line
  27. C: 5th paragraph 11th line
  28. B: 3rd paragraph 8th line
  29. B: 4th paragraph lines 6-9
  30. B: 5th paragraph 4th last line says, “The multinational needs local responsiveness in order to be relevant to local customers”.
  31. A: 6th paragraph 4th line
  32. B: 5th paragraph last line
  33. C: Not given anywhere in the passage
  34. A: 5th paragraph 11th line
  35. 1956: 3rd paragraph 3rd line
  36. Prakash Tandon: 3rd paragraph 6th line
  37. Meritocratic: 3rd paragraph 7th line
  38. Management trainee: 3rd paragraph 8th line
  39. Research and development: 4th paragraph 1st line
  40. Autonomy: 4th paragraph 3rd line