Speaking Part 2

Speaking – Part 2

Describe a building that you have found most impressive or elegant.

You can speak about:

  • Where is it located?
  • When or how often you visited it?
  • What the purpose or function of the building is?
  • Why it appeals to you so much?

Sample Answer:

In our family, we like to visit various Gurdvaras associated with particular incidents of Sikhism. One big favorite of mine is the one at Hemkund. It is within two day’s drive from here and is in the high Himalayas. The journey itself is delightful since it is mostly in the hills. You can take in the cool fresh air and the scenic views, especially along the valley of the Alaknanda river.

A fascinating aspect of the building is its location at high altitude. For this reason, it remains closed for eight months because of heavy snow. During one of my visits, I, too, was able to see fresh snow. The roof is designed like that of a Swiss chalet to ensure that snow doesn’t accumulate. The building is at the edge of a corrie, and pilgrims like to take a dip in the chilly water of the tarn within. The spectacle of the peaks around and the steep drop to the valley below is exceptional.

One has to leave the road and make an arduous climb on foot to reach the gurdwara. Some way up the path is a diversion to another attraction, the Valley of Flowers. Every few years, I like to make a pilgrimage, and it never fails to uplift the soul.