Speaking - Part 3

Speaking – Part 3

Are modern building styles very different from earlier?

Sample answer:

Primarily they are less ostentatious even if they are no less eye-catching. There is less carving or decorative stonework. The appeal is in bolder design and style, not always being rectilinear. An attempt is made to be more functional, although I feel that it has always been the case. Then there are various new developments such as air-conditioning or car parking, which have to be taken into account.


Do you think building forms differ according to the purpose which they serve?

Sample answer:

Certainly, buildings do reflect the purpose for which they are built to some degree. A building for worship will be calming and uplifting and decorated inspirationally. The seat of the government will reflect power by its scale and grandeur in its styling. The theatres, concert halls, and other centers of art will be more flamboyant and seek to make the imagination soar.

Would you consider architecture to be as significant as painting or music?

Sample answer:

It is undoubtedly at par with other forms of art. During the renaissance, the best artists were also involved in the design of buildings. It has become an important course of study, and there is so much to learn if you take up the profession. It influences us whether we are at work or home.

How have high-rise buildings changed cities?

Sample answer:

It is argued that tall buildings block sunlight, air, and views to the detriment of living quality. There is a demand for stricter regulations by the floor index, which can be modified to permit a more open skyline. Cities have been described as a concrete jungle that has no aesthetic appeal. Nonetheless, tall buildings have come to stay since they reduce the sprawl and provide real estate, which is in demand.

How can buildings be improved?

Sample answer:

There should be easier access in terms of parking, entrance foyer, passages, and staircases. Moreover, the concern for safety is overlooked sometimes, and fire and earthquake do much damage in crowded centers. Additionally, the desire to make quick money leads to poor construction standards. The planning and construction have to be monitored better.

How important is the preservation of historic buildings?

Sample answer:

That is our heritage and unquestionably needs protection. Too often, new development goes ahead without any concept of what we have inherited. Not only that, we need more funds for their restoration and preservation because time and neglect can do a lot of damage. Every culture has many fine structures that stand as proud evidence of its accomplishments.