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5 international education trends to watch in 2023

We've put up a list of 2023 educational technology trends that will make learning more flexible, available, and interactive for both students and teachers.
Hybrid Learning Will Change
We anticipate that some schools will continue to implement hybrid learning models in which some students attend classes in person and others digitally the following year.
High demand of soft skills
The curriculum will be more in line with practical learning through projects and collaboration because soft skills like teamwork, persuasion, emotional intelligence, and communication are highly valued.
Nano Education
This is a continual learning process, and the learning sessions consist of two to ten-minute, multimedia-rich tutorials that impart substantial knowledge rapidly so that a learner understands and picks it up quickly.
STEAM-based Programs
The main objective of STEAM-based learning is to help students acquire the abilities they will need to succeed in the future.
Utilizing the Potential of Big Data
A rise in the use of software-based learning and online tools in the educational sector has generated data that can be analysed and used to improve education and emphasize research-based learning.
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