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5 nations that offer the world's best courses at affordable prices

Sometimes, the cost of higher education at foreign universities becomes a major obstacle. Given that college courses in the US and the UK are typically pricey, let's consider affordable choices to study abroad.
The nicest thing about studying in Norway is that, except for a few specialized courses, higher education is free at public universities in Norway (for students from both inside and outside the EU).
All public institutions, except for those in Baden-W├╝rttemberg, do not charge tuition for undergraduate and Ph.D. level programs, similar to Norway.
Taiwan has some of the best colleges in the world right now, and there are many affordable options for a top-notch education.
For bachelor's (licensing), tuition costs for both local and foreign students are approximately 20,000 per year, 25,000 for master's, and 40,000 for Ph.D.
In the capital of Mexico City, the average tuition for international undergraduate students is about Rs. 5 lakhs, with private universities demanding higher rates
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