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5 secret tips to pass IELTS

To understand the IELTS test format and rules, the first and foremost thing is to be well acquainted with the language and be aware of your level of proficiency. You must know various tips to pass the IELTS exam.
Have a set plan
Before you start preparing, have a plan in your mind about the way of studying in order to save time and energy.
Analyze your weak points
Focusing on your weaknesses can help you to refrain from a low band score, therefore make sure you do proper hard work.
Try and try until you succeed
Practicing can make you feel more confident and help you get over the fear of attempting the questions.
Time yourself
You must time yourself before you start attempting any of the four modules as working under pressure can improve your performance.
Spellings and word limit
For some people, incorrect spellings & exceeding word limits doesn't matter. It creates difference. Ensure to not repeat these mistakes.
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