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6 common mistakes to avoid for 8 bands in IELTS Writing

Let us help you know some common mistakes made by the candidates in IELTS writing and the ways to avoid it. Usually, you don't even realize committing these mistakes. However such mistakes must not be overlooked. Want to know how?
Ensure to write correct spellings and grammar , else it gives an impression that you have poor comprehensive ability.
Incorrect spelling mistakes and grammatical errors
Unless you are too sure with the correct usage of the words, don't use it as it might lead to a decreasing score. Doing so can lead you to making more errors.
Avoid using heavy words
You must focus on your way of writing because your ideas will fetch you a good score only if you structure your answer logically. Randomly presenting your answer will not help as the reader asks for concise content.
Focus on presenting your answer rather than just writing
Do not write lengthy essays. Express your ideas in a correct way and present your answer clearly. Lengthy essays without content are of no use.
Avoid writing lengthy essay
Ensure including introduction, body paragraph and a conclusion for a better band score. Also, time yourself while you are practicing to avoid chaotic answers.
Do not attempt without practice
Refrain using memorized and cliché phrases as it is easy to identify and can lead to a decrease in your score. Rather write in your words for a better outcome.
Use of memorized language
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