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7 words and phrases invented by Shakespeare

Many new terms and phrases were created and made popular by Shakespeare, changing the way we talk as a result. Here are handful of our top picks.
Shakespeare created a term that is now regularly used by people all around the world by adding the letter "un" before the word "comfortable" in Romeo and Juliet.
It means resembling, reflecting, or typical of a current popular style. Shakespeare's Troilus and Cressida is where the word "fashionableā€¯ was used.
Manager is among the useful words the Bard created. The phrase first appears when King Theseus asks, "Where is our regular manager of mirth?"
In a Pickle
It means stuck; in a challenging position. "How camest thou in this pickle?" King Alonso asks Trinculo, his jester in The Tempest.
Jealousy is a green-eyed monster
The statement first appears in Othello when Iago cautions the title character to watch out for his own jealousy.
Salad days
Salad days originally had the definition given to it by Cleopatra: a period of indiscretion or youth. Today, however, it typically refers to "an early flourishing time," or a heyday.
Wild goose chase
It means pointless endeavour/search. In Shakespeare's play Romeo & Juliet, Mercutio compares the quick-fire quips between Romeo & himself with "wild goose chase"
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