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Academic IELTS Vs General Training IELTS!

Many of you must not be knowing the difference between Academic IELTS and General Training IELTS but the real fact is that there is a thin difference that you should know. Let us know more about both the exams:
Basis of evaluation
General training IELTS evaluates your level in everyday context whereas Academic IELTS evaluates your level on academic basis.
If you want to work in another country then General Training IELTS is for you and if you want to study in another country then, Academic IELTS is for you.
Structure of the test
General Training IELTS comprises daily life and social situations whereas Academic IELTS comprises academic and science related topics.
Different modules
Reading and Writing modules differ in both the tests, however Listening and Speaking modules remain the same in both the tests.
Level of vocabulary
In General Training IELTS, average level of vocabulary can work for you, however in Academic IELTS, you need to have enriched vocabulary.
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