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Arizona State University masters programs

ASU, which has been ranked as the best university in the nation for innovation for five years running, is working to find ways to guarantee that all students have access to a top-notch education. Let’s take a look into..
MS in crime analysis is centred on crime analysis as a field, suited to positions in private sector with functional and operational activities connected to crime analysis and positions in all levels of government.
MS in crime analysis
The program stands out due to its dedication to mentoring. With incoming batches of less than five students, the MA program is unusually small and offers students opportunities to collaborate with faculty members.
MA Political Science
As you take courses in computer science and electrical engineering and participate in projects at schools and core areas, the program helps to develop special talents that are in high demand.
M.Sc. Computer Engineering - Computer Systems
Through exposure to a range of research methods, theories, and practical applications, graduates get ready for doctoral work or careers in a variety of communication-driven fields.
MA Communication Studies
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