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Benefit of Tata Pankh Scholarship Programme

The Tata Capital Pankh Scholarship Program is an initiative of Tata Capital Limited to aid students from low-income households who are pursuing higher education.
According to the subjects being studied, the scholarship is divided into categories.
  • Class 6-10: A student may get up to 80% of their tuition costs or 9,000.

  • Class 11-12: Up to 80% of the student's tuition fees, or up to 12,000

  • Certificate / Polytechnic: Up to 15,000 or 80% of a student's tuition expenses

  • Graduation: Up to 20,000 Indian Rupees or 80% of a student's tuition fees


  • Professional Degrees: The price of Rs. 50,000 includes 80% of the tuition fee.



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