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Benefits of Taking Duolingo Test

Even though the IELTS and TOEFL are the most popular exams for students planning to study abroad, the Duolingo English Test(DET) is quickly gaining popularity among many students. Here are some essential benefits of taking the Duolingo test:
No minimum age has been set by the Duolingo councils. You must have a parent or guardian agreement to take the exam if you are under the age of 13 or the age at which your country requires parental consent.
Accepted by
More than 1000 universities accept Duolingo, worldwide. For example, the University of Texas at Dallas, USA; York University, Canada etcetera.
The DET also has a distinct and reliable scoring system. This exam evaluates reading, writing, listening, and speaking abilities to verify real-world language proficiency. Your skill is evaluated as a whole on a scale of 10-160.
DET’s scores are released within 48 hours of appearing. The exam score is highly specific and divided into categories to determine the precise levels of language proficiency.
Quick results
The registration process is direct and easy, and the cost is lesser than other proficiency tests. All you need is valid identity proof, like a passport or a driver’s license.
Affordable and easy to register
A free sample on the official Duolingo website is available for you to understand the requirements and know your potential.
Take the Duolingo sample test
Appear for the test anytime whenever you feel that you are ready. It is an on-demand format hence once the test starts no break can be taken. So, make sure that you are ready first.
Anytime on-demand
Each certificate comes with its own, secure link. The Duolingo test score is valid for two years once the results have arrived.
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