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Canada Express Entry CRS Score calculator

Canada's Express Entry immigration system is highly competitive. As a result, only those with the highest Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) scores can apply for permanent residency.
How is the CRS score determined?
Human capital/core factors
Points are awarded for age, education, Canadian job experience, and language competence. These are viewed as crucial to the economic success of immigrants.
Factors that affect the accompanying spouse or common-law partner
include the accompanying spouse's or common-law partner's language abilities, education, and employment experience in Canada.
Bonus points
This part awards 600 bonus points for a Provincial nomination, other bonus points for a genuine job offer, and so on.
Draw system
The Canadian government performs an Express Entry draw every two weeks, delivering a batch of Invitations to Apply (ITAs) to people with the highest CRS scores in the pool.
More points
If you have less than three years of full-time work experience and are still employed, you can raise your CRS score by 150 points.
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