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Canada PR points Calculator & System 2023

Calculate your 67 points for Canada immigration to be eligible to apply for permanent residency in Canada through Canada Express Entry. The Canadian Skilled Worker Points System calculator calculates applicants’ scores and has changed.
  • With a spouse or common-law partner: Maximum 460 points
  • Without a spouse or common-law partner: Maximum 500 points
Assigned points to the profile are based on the following points
age, education, Canadian job experience, and language competence
Essential elements of human capital
spouse's or common-law partner's language abilities, education, and employment experience in Canada
Factors relating to a common-law spouse or couple
profile based on various variables, such as your education, language proficiency, and non-Canadian work experience
Factors such as transferability of Skill
Elements such as a nomination from a province, a pre-approved job offer that qualifies, study abroad experience, a Canadian relative, and fluency in French
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