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Cornell University masters programs

Cornell is a very selective Ivy League institution. But like many public universities, it is also a land grant university, making a larger range of individuals eligible to apply.
There are different master’s programs offered here. To name few popular choices among student
Master of Laws (LLM) in Law, Technology, and Entrepreneurship
Cornell Tech's one-year Master of Laws (LLM) will give you the specialized skills you need to aid and lead tech companies in the increasingly complex and dynamic digital economy
STEM-designated Johnson Cornell Tech MBA
It equips students with the know-how, practical experience, and professional network necessary to manage product teams, better comprehend the startup and tech ecosystems, and lead tech enterprises.
Dual Master of Science Degrees with a Concentration in Urban Tech
It entails Master of Science in Applied Information Science (Technion) & Master of Science Information Systems (Cornell) with a Concentration in Urban Tech
Dual Master of Science Degrees with a Concentration in Connective Media
The project-based learning is combined with the academic rigour of an Ivy League computer science and engineering degree.
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