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Don’t make these 5 mistakes while applying to study abroad

Applying abroad means you will have to plan everything and make sure that nothing changes the decision of acceptance from a university or country. Here are some common mistakes that you would want to avoid while applying abroad.
By not making a budget plan you will find yourself in a difficult situation sooner or later.
1. Financial Factors
You probably will come across a lot of questions that will have to answer in writing or verbally.
2. Being prepared for questions & interviews
Completely relying on one source is the biggest mistake that you can make and therefore you must keep asking a lot of questions and keep researching to confirm.
3. Ignoring research
Be aware of the recent updates and accept that you might not understand everything. The process might take longer than you anticipated.
4. Having an unrealistic approach
Studying in a foreign country is in itself a big change so you should choose your subjects wisely. You need to excel in what you do!
5. Applying for a course you didn’t want
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