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Duolingo English Test Pattern

Duolingo is a language proficiency test that can be taken online anytime, anywhere. This test is accepted by over 4000 institutions worldwide. The duration of the test is 45 minutes and you get the results in 2 days.
$49 Adaptive test
It only costs $49 and has a series of different questions that you can not go back to the previous questions as it is computer-adaptive.
Total time
You will need 1 hour to complete the whole process. 45 minutes are allotted to the test and the remaining is divided into two categories: Introduction and onboarding and Ungraded video and writing sample.
• Your passport/ driver's license/ government ID
• A quiet, well-lit room
• 60 minutes of free time
• A reliable internet connection
• A computer with a front camera, speakers, and microphone
A quick 5-minute setup: Test rules and requirements
Graded adaptive test- 45 minutes
This contains exercises based on skills in Speaking, Listening, Writing, and Reading.
Ungraded video and writing sample-10 minutes
This is a video interview with a writing sample that is not graded and is shared with institutions along with the scores.
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