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GMAT Score for Canada

The GMAT is a crucial requirement for enrolment in MBA programs which weighs how well you can adapt, gather information and use it in tough situations. The average GMAT score range for the best courses in Canada is between 520 and 780
A decent GMAT score varies depending on the business schools that are desired. As a result, we must first understand that the concept of "good" is a relative one
For an MBA in Canada, a minimum GMAT score of 550 is required. Even so, some Canadian business schools accept GMAT scores as low as 500, while others demand well over 600.
The average GMAT cut-off for a business school is determined based on the pool of applications received. Some colleges have a greater GMAT demand than others since the maximum and minimum scores in a pool of applicants can differ.
The GMAT can be taken more than once. Because most institutions only consider your greatest score, it won't hurt your application
GMAT scores are not the only criteria for getting into a good Canadian business school. Even more than average GMAT or a perfect GMAT score does not guarantee admission to a top B-school
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