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GMAT Syllabus

Your admission to some of the most prestigious business schools in the world can be guaranteed with a strong GMAT or Graduate Management Admission Test score. The best schools generally recognize the results of this standardized entry exam.
Here is the GMAT syllabus for you to understand the requirements:
Analytical writing Examination
1 topic essay; score range- 0 to 6; duration-30mins. The analytical writing section consists solely of essay writing and idea generation.
36 questions; score range- 6 to 51; duration-65mins. The student’s ability to read and understand the content to provide appropriate answers is evaluated in this section.
12 questions; score range- 1 to 8; duration 30mins. It is a section on reasoning where data will be provided in a variety of ways. The data must be analyzed and evaluated.
Integrated Reasoning
31 questions; score range- 6 to 51; duration- 62mins. It comprises two parts - data sufficiency and problem-solving.
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GMAT syllabus