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Many Canadian universities have a similar minimum GRE score requirement of between 300 and 320. Students should aim for a score of at least 320 to gain admission to the top Canadian universities for a master's degree programme.
It is one of the most popular graduate exams among students wishing to pursue graduate studies in Canada. This test assists universities or colleges in determining the aptitude of applicants for advanced education.
Importance of the GRE for Studying in Canada
Almost all Canadian universities accept the GRE. The University of British Columbia, Vancouver , the University of Toronto, Toronto, McGill University, Montreal and many other prestigious universities take GRE scores into account.
Top GRE-Accepting Universities in Canada
To avoid future challenges, students must develop strong skills in English writing, verbal reasoning, and quantitative reasoning. The minimum GRE score required for postgraduate
studies in Canada ranges from 280 to 300.
GRE Prerequisites for Studying in Canada
Certain universities in Canada requires program-specific GRE scores, such as engineering, education, computer science, chemistry, psychology, and many others.
GRE Cut-Off in Canada for Specific Programs
Each province in Canada has world-class universities. The MS courses offered by Canadian universities emphasize practical knowledge, which improves students' professional and research skills.
Reasons for MS in Canada
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